USMle13 step3

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  1. can ppl that live with pregnant women get mmr
  2. contraindications to mmr
    • pregnancy
    • severe immunosuppresion
    • anaphylaxis to neomycin
    • anaphylaxis to gelatin
  3. what drugs increase lithium levels
    • thiazides
    • loops
    • nsaids
    • acei
  4. what to do if a patient has adult polycystic kidney disease and wants peritoneal dialyssi
    scope for diverticulosisi
  5. invasive aspergillosis is common when
    with immunosuppresion,
  6. invasive aspergiloosis present show
    sinus and lung
  7. what drugs decrease creatinine excretion from tubules
    • cimetidine
    • trimethropin
    • probenecid
  8. only an increase in cr and not bun means what
    decreased cr secretion from tubules
  9. when do you use bisphosphantes for glucocorticoid induced decreased bone density
    T score of < -1.5
  10. most important screening tool for chest blunt trauma
  11. mngt of hsv prgnanct woman
    give acyclovir from 36 weeks on
  12. which diuretics are ok with gout
    • none
    • give arb instead for htn and gout
  13. diff  between pseudohypoparathyroidism and psedupseduohypoparathyroidism
    • pseudopseduo has normal ca and pho
    • pseduo has low ca and high phosphate
  14. most common cmplication of meningomyelocele
  15. hyperthyroid meds for pregnancy
    • ptu for 1st trimester
    • methimazole for 2nd and 3rd trimesters
  16. what is the only live vaccine that pregnant women shold avoid for 1 month
    small pox
  17. gonococcal arthritis
    • migratory arthritis
    • rash
    • tenosynovitis
  18. most accurate test for lead
    venous lead levels
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