Introduction to BWRs

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  1. Primary Steam Cycle Flow Path
    Dried steam exits RPV and travels Main Steam Line to HP turbine; HP turbine to Moisture Separators to LP turbines; LP turbines exhaust to condensers; heat exchanger cools condensate which is collected in Hotwell; pumped to Demins to Feed Pumps to reheaters to RPV
  2. Reactor Recirculation System 
    • 1) Provide forced circulation of coolant through the core to remove heat
    • 2) Provide a refloodable volume within the RPV
  3. Control Rod Drive Hydraulic System (CRDH)
    • 1) High pressure hydraulic water for normal positioning of control rods
    • 2) high pressure hydraulic water for rapid movement (scram)
    • 3) Cooling water flow to CRDMs and purge flow to Recirc Pump seals 
  4. Reactor Water Clean-up System (RWCU)
    • 1) Maintain reactor coolant quality by removing fission products, corrosion products and other impurities; minimize fouling
    • 2) Removal of reactor coolant from RPV (letdown)
  5. Residual Heat Removal System (RHR)
    • 1) Remove decay heat from the core
    • 2) Provide water to the core in the event of a LOCA
    • 3) Remove heat from Primary Containment after a LOCA
    • 4) Assistance to the Fuel Pool Cooling and Cleanup systems
  6. Main Steam and Pressure Relief System (PRS)
    • 1) Direct steam to Main Steam line
    • 2) Overpressure protection
  7. Reactor Protection System (RPS)
    • 1) Prevent excessive fuel cladding temp
    • 2) Prevent system barrier damage after a transient
  8. Primary Containment System
    Water/steam to drywell after LOCA; pressure rises; water/steam to suppression pool; suppression pool cooled by RHR
  9. Feedwater System
    • 1) Maintain water level in RPV using feed flow, steam flow, and level
    • 2) Pre-heat water returning to RPV
  10. Main Steam System
    • 1) Direct steam to Main Steam Line
    • 2) Overpressure protection
  11. Main Turbine-Generator
    Thermal steam energy to mechanical work to electrical output
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