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  1. enteritis
    what is it called when the stomach is involved
    • inflammation of the small intestine
    • gastroenteritis
  2. Regional enteritis or Chrons Disease

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    a chronic inflammatory condition of unknown pathology involving any part of the GI tract but mostly common involving the terminal ileum
  3. Giardiasis

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    a infection of the lumen of the small intestine due to the flagellate protozoan (giardia lamblia ) spread by contaminated food or water and person to person contact
  4. Ileus

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    an intestinal obstruction
  5. what is an adynamic or paralytic ileus
    • this is due to the cessation of peristalsis
    • causes include peritonitis appendicitis or presence of certai ndrugs
  6. mechanical obstruction
    • a physical blackage of the bowel
    • may be due to tumors adhesions or hernias
  7. meckels diverticulum
    what does it appear as
    • a failure of the embryonic connection with the yolk sac to disappear
    • as an outpouching size of a small finger of the distal ileum
  8. colitis
    inflammatory condition of the large intestine that may be cause by many factors including bacteria infection diet stress and other environemental conditions
  9. ulcerative colitis
    • severe form of colitis
    • leads to ulcers developing along the mucosal wall
  10. diverticulum
    what is it caused by
    • small outpouchings of the mucosal wall resulting from herniation of the inner wall of the colon (usually the sigmoid )
    • this is a benign condition that is usually asymptomatic and is believed to be caused by a low fiber diet
  11. diverticulosis
    the condition of having numerous diverticula
  12. diverticulitis
    when diverticula become infected and inflamed
  13. neoplasms

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    • "new growth" and is another word for tumour
    • they are malignant or benign
    • it is most common cancer of large intestine in sigmoid and rectum
    • it commonly encircles the lumen of the colon and causes "apple core" or napkin ring llesions
  14. polyps
    sac like projection similar to diverticula except they project inward
  15. volvulus
    a loop of bowel twisting upon itself
  16. intussusception
    a teloscoping of one part of the intestine into another
  17. inguinal hernia
    a condition in which part of the intestine bulges through a weak area in muscles in the abdomen and thigh region it occurs in the groin
  18. hirschsprungs disease
    • occurs as a result of an absence of ganglion cells in the rectosigmoid region
    • preistalsis is lacking and as a result the normal evacuation of stool is impaired and large amts of feces are retained in the sigmoid colon
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