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  1. how many METs required for ADL?
  2. really basic descriptions of the phases of cardiac rehab
    • Phase 1: inpatient, acute, work on ADL, indep transfers, light wts
    • Phase 2: outpatient, subacute, independance, low level aerobics, 4-9 METs
    • Phase 3: community exercise program, post acute - porgress to 50-85% of functional capacity
  3. amount of exercise recommended for people in the 3 phases of cardiac rehab
    • phase 1: short exercise sessions 2-3 times a day
    • phase 2: 3-4 sessions per week, 30-60 min w 5-10 min warm-up and cool-down
    • phase 3: 45+ min per session, 3-4 times / week
  4. ST changes that indicate stopping and changing exercise
    ST displacement (2mm) horizontal or downsloping from rest level
  5. regarding PVC, stop exercise when?
    3-5 PVCs in a row, or more than 6 in a minute
  6. inverted T wave means what? if exercising, do what?
    • ischemia
    • stop
  7. stop exercise if systolic BP does what?
    rieses more than 20 mmHg or reaches more than 220 mmHg
  8. stop exercise if diastolic BP gets above what?
    110 mmHg
  9. if there's angina at rest, can you exercise?
    nope. pt is already ischemic
  10. R lymphatic duct drains what body parts?
    into where?
    • R arm
    • R side of head
    • R side of thorax

    into R subclavian vein
  11. lymph that doesn go to the R lymphatic duct goes where?
    thoracic duct, which empties into L subclavian vein
  12. lymphorgans
    • nodes
    • tonsils
    • spleen
    • thymus
    • thoracic duct
  13. position for draining lower lobes posterior basal segments
    prone, pillow under hips, foot of bed elevated 20 inches
  14. position for draining lower lobe superior segments
    • prone, 2 pillows under hips, table is flat
    • clap over middle back by angle of scapula
  15. pos for draining lower lobes lateral basal segments
    • prone but 1/4 turn towards S/L so the affected lung is higher, upper leg flexed on a pillow
    • foot of bed elevated 20 inches
    • clap over uppermost portion of lower ribs
  16. pos for draining lower lobe anterior basal segments
    • S/L, pillow btwn knees,
    • foot of bed elev 20 inches
    • clap over lower ribs
  17. pos for draining L upper lobe lingular segment
    • S/L on R plus a 1/4 turn towards supine
    • elev foot of bed 16 inches
    • pillow behind shoulder, knees flexed
    • clap over L nipple area or under armpit
  18. pos for draining R middle lobe
    • L S/L plus 1/4 turn towards supine
    • foo of bed elev 16 inches
    • pillow behind shoulder, knees flexed
    • clap over R nipple or under armpit
  19. pos for draining R upper lobes ant segments
    • supine
    • table flat
    • knees bent over a pillow
    • clap btwn clavicle and nipple
  20. pos for draining upper lobes post segments
    • seated, folded over a pillow at 30 degrees
    • clap over upper back
  21. pos for draining upper lobes apical segments
    • sitting, leaning back 30 degrees
    • clap shoulder between clavicle and top of scapula
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