Grade 9 Math Exam Review

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  1. Natural Numbers
    • The counting numbers (1,2,3,4,5...)
    • All positive numbers
  2. Square Numbers
    Numbers that create a perfect square (1,4,9,16,25...)
  3. Triangular Numbers
    Numbers that create a perfect triangle (1,3,6,10...)
  4. Rectangular Numbers
    Any composite number
  5. Whole Numbers
    Natural numbers and 0
  6. Integers
    Positive numbers, negative numbers, 0
  7. Rational numbers
    A number represented by a ratio or a fraction where the denominator is not 0.
  8. The rule for multiplying and dividing integers:
    • Same sign=always positive
    • different signs=always negative
  9. Horizontal Slope
    A horizontal slope will have an equation of where it meets the y axis. For example, if it crossed the y axis at +5, the equation would be y=5. The slope would be 0.
  10. Vertical slope
    A vertical line will have an undefined slope because it will intersect the y axis at an indefinite amount of points.
  11. Slope
    a representation of a rate of change as a line on a graph
  12. X axis
    The horizontal axis representing the independent variable.
  13. Y axis
    The vertical axis representing the dependent variable
  14. Variable
    an unknown value in an equation that is usually represented by a letter, such as x, y, r, s, t, a, b, n or k.
  15. Volume
    The amount of space within a 3 dimensional object, measured in cm cubed
  16. Area
    the space within a 2 dimensional object, measured in units squared
  17. Diameter of a circle
    the distance across a circle
  18. radius of a circle
    the distance from the edge of the circle to the centre
  19. Circumference of a circle
    • the perimeter of the circle
    • formula: 2 x pi x radius
  20. Area of a circle
    formula: pi x radius2
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