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    • what are network interface layer LAN protocols
    • ethernet
    • token ring
    • fiber distributed data interface
  1. what does FDDI stand for
    fiber distributed data interface
  2. what is ethernet protocol
    LAN based media access control protocol defined by the IEEE in the 802.3 series of specifiactions
  3. what is Token ring protocol
    LAN based media access control protocol defined in the IEEE 802.5 specification
  4. what are network interface layer WAN protocols
    • frame relay
    • point-to-point protocol (PPP)
    • high-level data link control (HDLC)
  5. what does PPP stand for
    point-to-point protocol
  6. what does HDLC stand for
    high-level data link control
  7. what is PPP (point-to-point protocol)
    WAN based data link protocol defined by the ISO 3309 series
  8. what is HDLC (high-level data link control)
    WAN based data link protocol defined by the ISO 3309 series
  9. what does ARP stand for
    address resolution protocol
  10. what indicates a ARP packet
    a type field of 0x0806
  11. when the MAC address of a destination device is needed, the source host will broadcast an ARP packet onto the network. the destination MAC address will be set to what?
  12. what does ICMP stand for
    internet control message protocol
  13. what does ping stand for
    packet internet groper
  14. what does TCP stand for
    transmission control protocol
  15. what does TCP use to establish connections between two hosts
    a three-way handshake
  16. what does UDP stand for
    user datagram protocol
  17. what are the two types of port numbers
    • well known
    • registered
  18. what is the range of well known ports
  19. what is the range of registered port numbers
  20. what does Telnet stand for
    telecommunications network protcol
  21. what does FTP stand for
    file transfer protocol
  22. what does SMTP stand for
    simple mail transfer protocol
  23. what does HTTP stand for
    hypertext transfer protocol
  24. what does BOOTP stand for
    bootstrap protocol
  25. what does DHCP stand for
    dynamic host configuration protocol
  26. what does TFTP stand for
    trivial file transfer protocol
  27. what does SNMP stand for
    simple network management protocol
  28. what does RIP stand for
    routing information protocol
  29. what does DNS stand for
    domain name system
  30. remember
    • DORA
    • dicover
    • offer
    • request
    • ack
  31. what does TCP stand for
    transmission control protocol
  32. what does RSH stand for
    remote shell
  33. what is remote shell (RSH)
    is a command line computer program that can execute sheel commands as another user, and on another computer across a computer network
  34. what does FQDN stand for
    fully qualified domain names
  35. what does TLD stand for
    top level domains
  36. what deos MIME stand for
    multipurpose internet mail extensions
  37. what is a proxy server
    a proxy server is a server that acts as an intermediary for requests from clients seeking resources from other servers
  38. what is web proxy
    • a proxy that focuses on world wide web traffic is called a "web proxy"
    • most proxy programs provide a means to deny access to URLs specified in a blacklist, thus providing content filtering
  39. what is a content-filtering web proxy
    a content-filtering web proxy server provides administrative control over the content that may be relayed through the proxy
  40. what is anonymous proxy server
    an anonymous proxy server generally attempts to make web surfing anonymous
  41. what is a reverse proxy server
    a reverse proxy is usually an internet-facing proxy used as a front-end to control and protect access to a server on a private network and perform tasks such as load-balancing, authentication, and decryption or caching
  42. what is load balancing
    the reverse proxy can distribute the load to several wev servers, each web server serving its own application area
  43. what is proxy security
    by their very nature, HTTP proxies are men-in-the-middle, and represent an opportunity for man-in-the-middle attacks
  44. what does MUA stand for
    mail user agent
  45. what does MTA stand for
    mail transfer agent
  46. what does MX stand for
    mail exchange
  47. what does POP stand for
    post office protocol
  48. what does IMAP stand for
    internet message access protocol
  49. what does TLS stand for
    transport layer security
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