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    • what is 24 port autosensing 10/100 unmanaged switch designed to aggregate 24 end devices
    • linksys SR224G switch
  1. what is the RAM, flash memory, MAC address table size of alcatel omniswitch 6602
    • RAM-128MB
    • Flash memory-32MB
    • MAC address table size -16K entries
  2. what does the OK1 LED indicate when it is solid green
    the switch has passed hardware diagnostic test
  3. what does OK1 LED indicate when it is solid amber when powered on
    the switch fails hardware diagnostic tests
  4. what does OK2 LED indicate when it blinks green
    the switch's system management software is operational
  5. what does OK2 LED indicate when it displays a solid amber
    the system software failure occurs
  6. what are the two subdirectories of /flash
    • /flash/working
    • /flash/certified
  7. what is the working directory
    • intended for software that is still being configured for the network
    • changes made while configuring a switch are saved to the boot.cfg file in the /flash/working directory
  8. what is the cerified directory
    intended for reliable, tested configuration and image files
  9. what is the appropriate settings for port configuration
    • 9600
    • 8
    • none
    • 1
    • none
  10. what does FCAPS stand for
    • fault
    • configuration
    • accounting
    • performance
    • security
  11. what does ACL stand for
    access control lists
  12. user EXEC mode what is the prompt when in this mode
    • altis>
    • lab_router_1>
  13. what is the prompt when in privileged EXEC mode
    • altis#
    • lab_router_1#
  14. what does NAS stand for
    network attached storage
  15. what does WPS stand for
    wireless protected setup
  16. what does TKIP/AES stand for
    temporal key integrity protocol/advanced encryption standard
  17. what does WEP stand for
    wired equivalent privacy
  18. what does AES stand for
    advanced encryption standard
  19. what does TKIP stand for
    temporal key integrity protocol
  20. when can no encryption only be selected
    when no authentication is selected for wireless authentication
  21. what does NIPRNET stand for
    uNclassified internet protocol routing network
  22. what does SIPRNET stand for
    secret internet protocol routing network
  23. what does C3I stand for when SIPRNET is intended to support
    command, control, communication, and intelligence
  24. the proper network-security implementation can be achieved by following what five steps
    • asset identifiaction
    • threat assessment
    • risk assessment
    • network security policy and architecture implementation
    • audit and improvement
    • KEY pharse A True Rapist Never Ask
  25. what is bus network topology
    any one connection failure can potentially down the entire network
  26. what is star network topology
    • no single point of failure
    • moderate cost
  27. what is full mesh network topology
    • most resilient design in that an one link failure results in no loss connectivity
    • extremely expensive
  28. what does TTY stand for
  29. what does VTY stand for
    virtual typewriter
  30. what kind of port does TTY use
    • console ports
    • auxiliary ports
  31. what kind of ports do VTY use
    logical telnet ports
  32. define event logs
    enable event log that will document security issues with time stamps
  33. what word should never be used with the login banners
  34. what is a computer program whose purpose is to propagate itself by traveling from file to file and from computer to computer, often destroying files in the process
    a virus
  35. what is software that you install on your computer so that you can be alerted when you have a virus
    anti-virus software
  36. what is it main purpose is to collect data from the user's computer and report it back to its company
  37. what is software that displays pop up windows of ads whether or not you are viewing websites at the time
  38. what does IAVA stand for
    infromation assurance vulnerability alert
  39. what does IAVM stand for
    information assurance vulnerability measures
  40. what is a computer applications software or operating system vulnerability security bulletin, determined by NetDefense or DoD-CERT, a division of the Global network operations center, of the JTF-GNO
    Information assurance vulnerability alert (IAVA
  41. what does CAC stand for
    common access card
  42. what does PKI stand for
    public key infrastructure
  43. what does ACL stand for
    access control lists
  44. what does ACE stand for
    access control elements
  45. each ACE is a single rule designed to match a particular type of packet, each match is then assigned as either a "what" or "what"
    • permit
    • deny
  46. what does DMZ stand for
    demilitarized zone
  47. what does VPN stand for
    virtual private network
  48. what is a means of carrying private traffic over a public network
    virtual private network (VPN)
  49. what does IDS stand for
    intrusion detection systems
  50. what does IPS stand for
    Intrusion prevention systems
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