Term 2 Directing Quiz 2

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  1. Fill in the blanks (two words): We suggested that adjustments don't always have to be right. They just have to work. They have to have an outcome of "__________ __________".
    The correct answer is: believeable behaviour.
  2. We discussed character statements in class. “You are the one who__________ and I have to __________ so that I can __________. Otherwise __________. But secretly I believe __________.” What point of view is this statement from?
    Select one:
    a. the director, to the protagonist of the film
    b. the actor, to the director
    c. one character, to the person they are trying to get their objective from in a scene.
    d. the director, to both characters
    The correct answer is: C. one character, to the person they are trying to get their objective from in a scene.
  3. Fill in the blank (one word): Drama is about character in __________.
    The correct answer is: action.
  4. We discussed creating character empathy. Horror films are often accused of having little to no character development for the protagonist(s). Of the 5 ways to create empathy, which of the following is predominantly applied in horror films:
    Select one:
    a. Hero is funny.
    b. Hero is in jeopardy.
    c. Hero is powerful.
    d. Hero is likeable.
    e. Hero is a victim of some undeserved misfortune.
    The correct answer is: B. Hero is in jeopardy.
  5. We discussed 4 types of capital in terms of social status, including economic, social, cultural and __________.
    The correct answer is: symbolic.
  6. Fill in the blank (one word): A new tactic or a new fact given to an actor to pursue his/her objective in the scene is called a(n) __________.
    The correct answer is: adjustments.
  7. Which of the following objectives would be considered the weakest for an actor to play?
    Select one:
    a. Get frustrated with him.
    b. Get him to lend you $100.
    c. Get a promise from him.
    d. Get him to apologize to you.
    The correct answer is: A. Get frustrated with him.
  8. Fill in the blank (one word): Judith Weston defines character analysis - also called characterization - as the locating of the characters in their emotional reality, psychology, physicality, and most important, "__________".
    The correct answer is: behaviour.
  9. Fill in the blank (one word): A good script is actor bait and actors are looking at the "__________".
    The correct answer is: character.
  10. Fill in the blank (one word): We discussed " __________ " as being specific qualities of thinking, feeling, behaving, and reacting to situations, including frustration or problems.
    The correct answer is: traits.
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