History: Final Exam Part 2

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  1. Prime Minister of England during WWII
    Winston Churchill
  2. African American pilots who helped destroy over 400 enemy aircraft
    Tuskegee Airmen
  3. U.S. President during the Great Depression and WWII
    Franklin Roosevelt
  4. Communist leader of China
    Mao Zedong
  5. Nation of Islam leader who was assassinated during Brotherhood week
    Malcom X
  6. Civil Rights activist who refused to give up their seat and move to the back of the bus; Started the Montgomery Bus Boycott
    Rosa Parks
  7. This person assassinated Martin Luther King Jr. in Memphis Tennessee
    James Earl Ray
  8. This person introduced the policies of glasnost and perestroika; Many believed he was responsible for the fall of the Soviet Union
  9. Secretary of Defense under both Kennedy and Johnson; believe in escalating the American commitment for the war in Vietnam
  10. Police Commissioner in Birmingham, Alabama; conspired with the KKK to attack the Freedom Riders
    Eugene Bull Connor
  11. Communist leader of Cuba
  12. Pilot who was shot over the Soviet Union for spying; escalated tensions between the U.S. and the Soviet Union
    Francis Gary Powers
  13. Civil rights leader who encouraged civil disobedience and non-violent protests
    Martin Luther King Jr.
  14. WWII hero who became president in 1952
  15. Took over the presidency after FDR died; authorized the dropping of the atomic bomb on Hiroshima and Nagasaki
  16. President assassinated November 22nd, 1963 by Lee Harvey Oswald; many conspiracies surround this president's death
    John F. Kennedy
  17. This person emerged the leader of the Soviet Union after Stalin died in 1953
  18. Senator from Wisconsin who made baseless charges claiming he had the names of 50 communists who had infiltrated the Department of State
    Joe McCarthy
  19. What was decided at the Munich Conference between Chamberlain, Roosevelt, and Hitler?
    Hitler receives the Sudtenland
  20. What nation did Italy invade in 1935?
  21. What was the purpose of the Atlantic Charter?
    Common goal of defeating Hitler
  22. Which country did Hitler invade causing France and Great Britain to declare war on Germany?
  23. Which 3 countries had totalitarian government before and during the war? Who are their leaders?
    • Germany: Hitler
    • Italy: Mussolini
    • Russia: Stalin
  24. What event caused the U.S. to enter WWII?
    Attack on Pearl Harbor
  25. What is the "day that will live in infamy?"
    December 7th, 1941
  26. Which nations made up the Axis Powers?
    • Japan
    • Germany
    • Italy
  27. What was the Manhattan project?
    The creation of the atomic bomb
  28. Which country did Germany NOT occupy?
    Great Britain
  29. What is the date of D-Day?
    June 6, 1944
  30. What area did the invasion of D-Day take place?
    Normandy, France
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