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  1. most common site for a stroke
    middle cerebral artery
  2. traits of a middle cerebral artery stroke
    • contralat hemiplegia
    • mostly UE involvement
    • loss of sensation primarily in arm and face
    • homonymous hemianopsia
  3. when will a middle cerebral artery stroke cause aphasia and apraxia?
    if it's in the dom hemisphere
  4. occlusion of main stem of middle cerebral artery can cause ...
    global aphasia
  5. anterior cerebral artery - commonly involved in a stroke?
    no. rarely.
  6. anteriorĀ cerebral artery - involvement here --> what?
    • LE > UE involvement
    • contralat hemiplegia
    • sensory loss

    if on dominant side: confusion, aphasia, contralat neglect
  7. posterior cerebral artery -- if involved in a stroke presents how?
    • pain
    • can't feel temp
    • homonymous hemianopsia, aphasia, thalamic pain syndrome can result
  8. vertebral basilar artery stroke --> what?
    • usually death 2/2 edema
    • quadriparesis, bulbar palsy (locked in)
    • vertigo, como, diplopia, nausea, dysphagia, ataxia
  9. which stroke --> locked in?
    • vertebral basilar
    • and it's called bulbar palsy, technically
  10. anterior inferior cerebellar stroke -->?
    • unilat deafness
    • loss of pain and temp on contralat side
    • pareses of lateral gaze
    • unilat Horner'sĀ 
    • ataxia
    • vertigo
    • nystagmus
  11. superior cerebellar artery stroke -->?
    loss of motor control

    • severe ataxia,
    • dysarthria (loss of muscle articulation control),
    • dysmetria (finger to nose test)
    • contralt loss of pain and temp
  12. post inf cerebellar artery stroke -->?
    • Wallenberg's syndrome (vertigo, nausea, hoarseness, dysphagia, ptosis, decreased sensation on ipsilat face and contralat torso and limbs)
    • Horner's
  13. Wallenberg's syndrome
    seen with what stroke
    vertigo, nausea, hoarseness, dysphagia, ptosis, decreased sensation on ipsilat face and contralat torso and limbs

    post inf cerebellar artery

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