USMLE14 step3

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  1. rx for mild diabetic retinopathy
    rx for severe
    • glucose control
    • panretinal photocoagulation
  2. indication for epo
    what else monitored with epo
    • hemoglobin<10
    • goal is 10-11.5

    • ferritin <500 give iv iron
    • transferrin satu<30% give iv iron
  3. rx for infant botulism
    rx for adult botulism
    • infant--human derived ivig
    • adult-- equine derived ivig
  4. most common source of infant botulism
    environmental dust carrying botulism  spores
  5. next step in managment of multifocal atrial tachycardia
    rule out hypoxia
  6. rx for sulfonylurea poisoning
  7. best paramater to determine intubation in GBS patients
    vital capacity
  8. next step after urinary metanephrines are elevated in a pt suspected of having pheo
    alpha blockage and then do mri/ct while pt is on alpha blockade
  9. when is mbig scan done
    • with borderline chemical values and ct showing adrenal tumor
    • and biochemical values suggesting pheo but ct is negative
  10. antidote for ethylene glycol and methanol pois0ning
  11. chlamydia pneumonia in newborn vs bronchiolitis presetaiton
    no fever for chlamydia
  12. when are solid foods introduced
    6 months
  13. rx for chronic hep c with no renal failure
    with renal failure
    • no renal failure-- interferon and ribavarin
    • renal failure--interferon
  14. rx for corneal abrasion
    • eruthromycin
    • oxafloxacin
  15. rx for bells palsy due to herpes
    • steroids¬†
    • not acyclovir
  16. best iniitial rx for restless leg syndrome
  17. induction or represssion of cyt p450 causes decrased efficacy of ocp
  18. rx for atopic dermatitis
    topical steroids or tacrolimus
  19. a positive tb skin test after being treated, significance
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