Day 38

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  1. abhor
    v. loathe, hate, detest           (특히 도덕적인 이유로) 혐오하다

    Some people genuinely abhorred slavery.
  2. ambition
    n. goal, desire                    야망
  3. bulk
    n. great quantity, main part          거대함, 대부분

    Buying its supplies in bulk, the department store chain was able to sell for less than its competitors.
  4. charitable
    adj. broad-minded, tolerant, benign, generous                              관대한, 자비로운
  5. conclusively
    adv. decisively, definitely, absolutely 결정적으로, 확실히
  6. confer
    v. give, bestow, grant              (자격증, 명예, 학위등) 수여하다

    An honorary degree was conferred on the senator.
  7. deny
    v. negate, gainsay, contradict        부인하다
  8. echo
    v. 1. reflect, mirror, resonate, resound  반영하다, 반향하다

    Newspaper editorials often echo the views of the readers.

    v. 2. repeat, reiterate, parrot, copy   반복하다
  9. eerie
    adj. strange, mysterious, weird, unearthly 기묘한, 괴상한
  10. emulate
    v. imitate, copy, follow, mimic       모방하다

    Children often emulate the behavior of their parents.
  11. forestall
    v. prevent, hinder             미연에 방지하다, 미리 막다

    The union leader forestalled a riot by telling the strikers to disperse.
  12. generally
    adv. largely, chiefly, mainly          대부분, 주로
  13. glance
    n. glimpse, a brief look, a cursory look  흘긋 봄
  14. implement
    n. tool, application, device       도구

    The dentist's implements were placed in arm's reach on a tray near the patient.
  15. in terms of
    phr. with regard to, with respect to, in relation to                              ~에 관하여
  16. inveigh against
    phr. rail, object, criticize, strongly   통렬히 비판하다

    The Democrat senator could not agree with further tax cuts, and inveighed strongly against the Republican party's position.
  17. look
    v. gaze, glance, watch, view      보다
  18. monetary
    adj. financial, pecuniary, capital    재정(금전)사의, 화폐의
  19. motion
    n. movement, move, gesture            움직임, 동작
  20. obtain
    v. gain, earn, achieve, acquire      얻다
  21. outspoken
    adj. frank, open, candid              솔직한, 노골적으로 말하는

    Christine's outspoken nature sometimes offends people.
  22. pant
    v. 1. gasp                   숨을 헐떡이다

    Unable to sweat, dogs pant to regulate their body heat and keep cool.

    n. 2. trouser                         바지
  23. patchy
    adj. irregular, uneven, erratic       고르지 않은, 군데군데 있는

    Patchy skin color may be a symptom of a serious condition.
  24. precipitation
    n. acceleration, haste, imperuosity    촉진, 성급함

    Political factors contributed to the precipitation of the Great Depression.
  25. promote
    v. advance, further, encourage         촉진하다
  26. purified
    adj. cleansed, refined, clarified, distilled 정화된 
  27. recreational
    adj. as a hobby                   오락의, 휴양의
  28. recruit
    v. obtain, enlist         얻다, 모집하다
  29. sieze
    v. grip, take, clasp, grasp, grab     움켜잡다
  30. structure
    n. 1. system, frame, organization   구조

    v. 2. arrange in definite pattern    조직화 하다
  31. surreal
    adj. having a strange dream-like quality 초현실적인
  32. synthesis
    n. unit, union, combination, mixture   통합체, 통합, 합성
  33. textile
    n. cloth, fabric                       직물

    One of the earliest forms of printing was textile printing.
  34. thereby
    adv. by that means, as a result of that  그것에 의하여
  35. title
    n. ownership                         권리
  36. transcend
    v. go beyond                 초월하다

    The size of the universe transcends our understanding.
  37. twig
    n. branch, stick, offshoot, sprig        가지
  38. vulnerable
    adj. easily damaged, susceptible, weak (영향을) 받기 쉬운, 연약한
  39. wholly
    adv. completely, fully, in every respect, thoroughly                          완전히
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