Band Saw Safety

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  1. The purpose of this machine is to cut irregular shapes out of wood, plastic, or metal.
    Band Saw
  2. What determines the size of the Band Saw?
    Diameter of the wheel
  3. What is the size of our Band Saw?
  4. What is the longest board one can cut on the Band Saw?
  5. Two things you should do if you get cut?
    • 1. Apply Pressure to the cut.
    • 2. Find your Teacher
  6. What is the name of the knob that is only thing a student can touch or adjust on the Band Saw?
    Orange Knob
  7. Name the Parts of a Board.Image Upload
    • A. End
    • B. Edge
    • C. Face
  8. Measuring a Board.
    Image Upload
    • A. Height/Thickness (Face to Face)
    • B. Width (Edge to Edge)
    • C. Length (End to End)
  9. Grain Direction always flows from?
    End to End
  10. What type of cut is made against the grain?  (Edge to Edge)
    Cross Cut
  11. What type of cut is made with the grain?  (End to End)
    Rip Cut
  12. Name the Turn On Procedures for the Band Saw.
    • 1. Raise the Guard 1/8" above the bd.
    • 2. Check the bd., make sure it slides freely on both sides of the blade.
    • 3. Make sure your pinky won't fit between the guard & bd. 
    • 4. Turn on the Band Saw
  13. Name the Turn Off Procedures for the Band Saw.
    • 1. Turn off Band Saw
    • 2. Wait for Blade to stop completely.
    • 3. Remove scraps using a piece of wood.
    • 4. Lower the Guard.
  14. Which cut on the Band Saw is more dangerous?
    Rip Cut
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