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  1. 207 Lieutenant

    What will be required for LT promotion effective 1/1/15?
    • Hold a State of FL Paramedic Cert (operations)
    • Hold a Fire Officer I Cert

    (these are in addition to previous requirements)
  2. 207 Lieutenant

    What are the three options for obtaining Fire Officer I Cert?

    How many classes each?
    • State of FL Cert - 10 classes
    • JFRD Cert - 7 classes
    • NFPA Cert - Nationwide program, varies by state
  3. 207 Lieutenant

    Who grants class substitutions for JFRD Fire Officer I Cert?

    Who do you submit your request to?
    Educational Review Committee

    Submit request to Division Chief of Training
  4. 208 Company Officer

    Company Officers shall ensure that their personnel are trained in accordance with what?
    Training Division Directives and applicable SOP,SAP and SOG's
  5. 208 Company Officer

    What is the time frame that Company officers should conduct practical drills to cover apparatus and equip. with probationary FF and personnel newly assigned to the company?
    90 days from date of assignment
  6. 208 Company Officer

    What is the time frame that Company Officers shall ensure  personnel learn territory information?
    6 months from the date of assignment
  7. 208 Company Officer

    Where are Probationary FF evals kept?
    Employees personnel file at Headquarters
  8. 209 Engineer

    What do suppression Engineers need to know about territory?
    • Locations of al streets
    • Water supply sources
    • Schools
    • Commercial buildings
    • Other high life hazard structures
    • (first and second alarm territories)
  9. 209 Engineer

    What do Rescue Engineers need to know as far as territory is concerned?
    • Streets and buildings in first and second-due territory.
    • Know how to access all hospital ERs
  10. 209 Engineer

    Who is directly responsible for the company level maintenance of apparatus?
  11. 210 FireFighter

    What is a Firefightes required territory knowledge?
    • Streets and Water supply- first alarm
    • school, commercial buildings, other high life hazards - first and second alarm
  12. 212 Probationary Firefighter

    What SOP and SOG are probationary FF required to be thoroughly familiar with?
    SOP 209 Engineer

    SOG 402 Vehicle Ops
  13. 212 Probationary Firefighter

    Probationary Driver training hours?
    6 day and 4 night hrs minimum - no emergencies

    Minimum 3-24hr shifts or 10 EMS responses, no fire responses

    Ladder - Tiller training if assigned, 2hr day, 2hr night

    After Basic Fireground skills- 3-24hr shifts on all responses
  14. 212 Probationary Firefighter

    Who administers the oral and practical portions of probationary exams?
    District Chief along with the CO
  15. 212 Probationary Firefighter

    When should Station Captains review Probationary exams and submit any changes that are made to the Training Division?
    prior to March 15th of each year
  16. 213 Attendance Policy

    Who approves leave consisting of any combination of Holiday and Annual Leave which when combined totals no less 5% of assigned daily field operations.
    • Resource Management
    • or 
    • Director/Fire Chief or his designee
  17. 213 Attendance Policy

    Who do you provide your military orders to when submitting military leave requests?
    Provide supervisor and the Administrative Aide at Headquarters with a copy of the official set of orders.
  18. 213 Attendance Policy

    Who gives approval for Time Swaps?
    Company Officer and District Chief
  19. 214 Station Procedures

    How many shift can a boat or RV be left at the station?
    Shall not be left more than 4 consecutive shifts.
  20. 214 Station Procedures

    Who do you notify after a station inspection?
    • District Chief
    • Field Safety Officer or Division Chief of Training and advise results.

    Citation - forward to Field Safety Officer by hand, if you can't, contact District Chief on same day
  21. 214 Station Procedures

    Who can change the Holiday work routine?
    Deputy Director/Fire Chief
  22. 214 Station Procedures

    Recreational times at the station?
    1000 - 2300

    Adjacent to churches- no outside activities during, 30min before and 30after services.
  23. 214 Station Procedures

    Daily rest periods?

    Holiday rest periods?
    • 2000 - 0700 evening sleeping
    • 1300 - 1700 Monday through Saturday
    • 1200 - 1700 Sunday and holidays
  24. 214 Station Procedures

    How do you submit station equipment problems to ITD?
    • Submitted through fireweb utilizing the Help Desk Link.
    • After 1700hrs or on wkends or holidays, serious problems shall be relayed to FRCC
  25. 215 Official Bulletins

    Who generates EDAS bulletins?
  26. 215 Official Bulletins

    What kind of info is on an EDAS bulletin?
    Info of a temporary nature
  27. 215 Official Bulletins

    How long are EDAS bulletins kept?
    As long as the info is applicable
  28. 215 Official Bulletins

    What are informational bulletins?

    When are they discarded?
    Consecutively numbered, Written messages, cover specific instance but dont change, alter, or amend any rules, policies or procedures.

    Discarded after Jan 15th each yr unless updated.
  29. 215 Official Bulletins

    What are Instructional Bulletins?

    When are they discarded?
    Consecutively numbered, Written documents that may change, alter , amend, or clarify JFRD rules, policies, procedures.

    Reviewed each yr and either discarded or adopted as part of RR, SOPs, etc..
  30. 215 Official Bulletins

    What is a memorandum?

    When is it discarded?
    Signed message covering a variety of subjects, general in nature, doesnt change policy or procedure.

    discarded after Jan 15th unless updated
  31. 215 Official Bulletins

    What are safety bulletins?

    When are they discarded?
    Info messages relating to specific subjects that affect health, welfare, safe practice, or equipment of JFRD personnel.

    Kept as long as info is applicable
  32. 215 Official Bulletins

    What are training bulletins?

    When are they discarded?
    Consecutively numbered, written messages, designate any training required for a given period as regulated by training division.

    Discarded after Jan 15th unless updated.
  33. 216 Personnel Protective Equipment

    What two PPE items need to be inspected after each use?
    • Turnout Gloves
    • Turnout Boots
  34. 216 Personnel Protective Equipment

    Markings on turnout coats?
    Chiefs - red or white

    All others - Yellow
  35. 217 JFRD Uniform

    What are the winter months according to JFRD?
    Oct 1st - April 30th
  36. 217  JFRD Uniform

    The gold pin style rank insignia is worn on what?
    Class A and Class B uniform shirts
  37. 217 JFRD Uniform

    The gold button style rank insignia is worn on what?
    Worn on the center of the upper lapel of the dress jacket.
  38. 217 JFRD Uniform

    How are maltese crosses worn?
    1/2" above stripes on left sleeve of the dress jacket.

    No stripes- place crosses 3' from the bottom of the jacket sleeve.
  39. 217 JFRD Uniform

    How are yrs of service patches worn?
    • District Chiefs - Class A and B shirts
    • All ranks below - Class A, B, C shirts

    short sleeve - 1" above the lower hem and centered under JFRD patch

    Long sleeve - 1" above upper cuff seam and centered under JFRD patch
  40. 220 Fire Extinguisher

    What type of extinguishers are carried on engines?
    • 18lb PKP
    • 2 1/2gal Foam
    • 20lb CO2
  41. 220  Fire Extinguisher

    What extinguishers are carried on Ladders?
    • 18lb PKP
    • 2 1/2 Gal Foam
    • 20lb CO2
    • 30lb High-flow PKP
  42. 220 Fire Extinguisher

    What extinguishers are carried on Rescue Units/Brush Trucks?
    • 18lb PKP
    • 2 1/2Gal Foam
  43. 220 Fire Extinguisher

    What extinguishers are carried on Tankers?
    • 2 1/2gal Foam
    • 20lb Sodium Bicarbonate
  44. 220 Fire Extinguisher

    Who carries the 30lb High-flow PKP?
    • Ladder Companies
    • HM-7
    • Hm-21
  45. 220 Fire Extinguisher

    Who carries the 30lb Lith-X?
    • L10
    • HM-7
    • HM-21
  46. 220 Fire Extinguisher

    Who carries 30lb Sodium Bicarbonate?
    • L18
    • HM-7
    • HM-21
  47. 220 Fire Extinguisher

    Who carries a 30lb Metal-X?
    • L1
    • L4
    • E7
    • E13
    • E16
    • E17
    • E21
    • E56
  48. 220 Fire Extinguisher

    The Fire Prevention Division distributes the JFRD Fire Extinguisher Inspection Form to each station by what date?
    by Jan. 15th of each yr
  49. 221 Hose testing

    When is hose to be tested?
    Annually between March 15th and April 15th
  50. 221 Hose testing

    What pressures are hose tested at?
    5" - 200psi for 5min continuously

    3" or smaller - marked service test pressure for 5min continuously.  If not marked test at 250psi.
  51. 222 Fire Hydrants

    Hydrants are to be tested annually.  Who establishes the schedule for testing?
    The station Capt.
  52. 222 Fire Hydrants

    Who do you notify if an owner of a private hydrant declines to have it tested?
    Document and notify the Prevention Division
  53. 222 Fire Hydrants

    Where is hydrant testing documented?
    The safety file maintenance system
  54. 222 Fire Hydrants

    Who's responsibility is it to keep track of the status of a reported hydrant?
    Each Company Officer
  55. 223 Safe Haven Newborn

    Who do you notify if someone drops a newborn off at the station?
    Notify FRCC for a CCR#
  56. 223 Safe Haven Newborn

    Who does FRCC notify after they are notified by the firefighter about receiving a newborn?

    Duty Division Chief and the PIO

    The PIO will notify the Gloria M Silveria Foundation.
  57. 223 Safe Haven Newborn

    If abuse is suspected when someone drops a newborn off who do you notify in addition to FRCC?
    The Abuse Registry Hotline upon completion of the call. (DCF)

  58. 223 Safe Haven Newborn

    If someone drops an infant off and doesnt leave it with a FF,EMT or MEDIC or if they do leave it with a FF,EMT or MEDIC and it appears to be more than seven days old, who do you report it to?
    DCF - Central Abuse hotline
  59. 223 Safe Haven Newborn

    Who can the identity of the parent leaving a child be disclosed to?
    Person claiming to be the parent of the newborn infant, or in cases of suspected abuse.
  60. 224 Official JFRD Training

    When is the official training order published?
    each Friday
  61. 224 Official JFRD Training

    If there is a training conflict, who does the Company Officer contact?
    The instructor listed on the Training Order
  62. 224 Official JFRD Training

    Who has the responsibility of documenting all classes held at the JFRD Training Academy?
    • Program Coordinator 
    • or
    • Lead Instructor
  63. 224 Official JFRD Training

    As far as Training Records go, how often should each JFRD member review their "personal page"?
  64. 225 EVOC

    How long is rectruit evoc training?
  65. 225 EVOC

    How much and how often do JFRD employees need refresher driver training?
    8hrs every 2yrs
  66. 230 Knox Box Rapid Entry System

    What does your six digit code consist of for the Knox Box Key Secure System?
    hybrid number consisting of your normal work PIN and your employee number.
  67. 230 Knox Box Rapid Entry System

    Who do you notify if making entry with a Knox Box Key?

    they will notify JSo or appropriate law enforcement
  68. 302 Job Injury

    What is the primary consideration regarding injured personnel?
    the provision of prompt eval and necessary treatment.

    processing appropriate forms is the secondary consideration
  69. 302 Job Injury

    If your on OJI and you want to go out of town who do you obtain permission from?
    Appropriate Division Chief through the Health and Safety Officer
  70. 302 Job Injury

    Who is on the Short-term Limited duty Committee?

    How often do they meet?
    Deputy/Director Assistant Fire Chief

    Chief of Rescue

    Chief of Fire Ops

    Health and Safety Officer 

    JFRD assigned Human Resources Manager

  71. 302 Job Injury

    How long are assignments to Long-term Limited Duty?
    • 12months, reviewed annually
    • Max of 20yrs
  72. 302 Job Injury

    Long-Term Limited Duty Committee?

    How often do they meet?
    Deputy Director/Assistant Fire Chief

    Chief of Rescue

    Chief of Fire Ops

    Health and Safety Officer

    JFRD assigned Human Resources Manager

    JFRD Finance Officer

    at least Annually
  73. 302 Job Injury

    If required what reports should be completed as soon as possible following an incident?
    • Worker's Compensation Medical Report Form
    • First Report of Injury or Illness
    • Immediate Supervisor's Report of Injury
    • Florida Fire Service Casualty Report
    • JFRD Exposure Report Form
    • Exposure Tracking Form
  74. 304 Discipline Action

    What is the philosophy to be used for disciplinary action?
    Progressive, Constructive and Cumulative discipline
  75. 304 Discipline Action

    What are the progressive measures of discipline that shall normally be administered?
    • Written Reprimand
    • Suspension/Reduction in pay
    • Demotion
    • Dismissal
  76. 304 Discipline Action

    What is used to improve employee performance or behavior?
  77. 304 Discipline Action

    What is used to identify and correct the conduct or performance of an employee?
    Oral Counseling
  78. 304 Discipline Action

    What is used by the department to document the details of a counseling session?

    This is a tool used to inform an employee of performance/behavior that must be corrected to avoid discipline.
    Letter of Counselling

    Used to inform an employee of performance/behavior that must be corrected to avoid discipline.
  79. 304 Discipline Action

    How is Oral Counseling documented?
    • Microsoft Outlook
    • create file on your email home screen making a post with subject and details.
  80. 304 Discipline Action

    How is a Letter of Counseling documented?
    Fireweb by selecting JFRD Docs/Forms then select JFRD forms
  81. 304 Discipline Action

    Who are Letters of Counseling and Rule Infraction Charges Forms forwarded to?
    Letter- forwarded to the District/Battalion Chief and then they shall forward to the Compliance Officer in envelope marked CONFIDENTIAL

    Charges- form is forwarded to District/Battalion Chief to assist in completion of Supervisors Comments form .  Original form submitted to Compliance Officer through chain of command.
  82. 304 Discipline Action

    After an arrest, if an employee is determined to require an extended assignment to administrative duty their status will be reviewed when?
    at 30 and 180 days
  83. 304  Discipline Action

    When should the employee notify the Compliance Officer of their final legal disposition?
    Within 5 working days
  84. 306 Training Remediation

    Who develops a remediation plan?
    Training Division
  85. 306 Training Remediation

    Who do you submit a Remediation Referral form to?
    Division Chief of Training
  86. 310 Sexual Harassment

    What are the time limits for filing sexual harassment complaints the JFRD EEO?
    within 30 days
  87. 310 Sexual Harassment

    If a complaint is beyond the 30 day EO/EA limit who should the individual be referred to?
    • City's EO/EA Division
    • Jacksonville Human Rights Commission
    • Equal Employment Opportunity Commission
    • Florida Commission on Human Relations
  88. 310 Sexual Harassment

    When do complaints need to be filed with the EEOC and FCHR?
    FCHR- filed within 365 days from date of discriminatory action

    EEOC- filed within 300 days of the date of the violation
  89. 313 Hazard Communication

    If an incident requires mitigation of any sort what shall be documented?
    • Date and time of incident
    • Method of containment/clean up
    • Personnel at work location
    • Exposed personnel
    • level or degree of exposure
  90. 313 Hazard Communication

    Who do you coordinate with for pickup?
    Hazardous Materials Coordinator, who is assigned to the Prevention Division
  91. 313 Hazard Communication

    Who approves transfer of contaminated or unsafe hazardous materials from one work location to another?
    Hazardous Materials Coordinator
  92. 314 Information Systems

    Any exemption from the Information Systems policy must be obtained from who?
    in writing from the Director/Fire Chief.

    The secretary of the Director/Fire Chief will maintain a copy of the exemption
  93. 314 Information Systems

    Who sets policies for station computer use?
    Station Captain
  94. 316 Career Development Program

    Who overseas the Tuition Reimbursement Program?
    Human Resources Division, Orginizational Development Office
  95. 316 Career Development Program

    Who determines courses and programs eligible for tuition reimbursement?
    JFRD admin will make initial determination

    Head of Organizational Development will resolve disputes regarding job relatedness.
  96. 316 Career Development Program

    Who do you submit transcripts to to receive college incentive pay?
    Personnel Clerk at Fire Rescue Headquarters
  97. 320 FMLA

    Who is eligible for FMLA?
    • employed at least 12 months (need not be consecutive)
    • at least 1,250hrs during the 12 months prior to the commencement of the requested FMLA leave.
  98. 320 FMLA

    Employees shall not be required to utilize paid leave when there are _____ or less leave time credits?
  99. 320 FMLA

    Who has the ultimate responsibility for designating leave, paid or unpaid, as FMLA leave?
  100. 323 Vehicle Incidents

    Who is notified in vehicle incidents limited to JFRD vehicles and JFRD property.
    • District Chief
    • and
    • TSF Manager
  101. 323 Vehicle Incidents

    Company Officer notifies?

    District Chief

    Requests LEA

    • TSF manager or Service Personnel through FRCC
    • CIty Insurance/Claims Adjuster through FRCC
  102. 323 Vehicle Incidents

    Who delivers the VDR to TAC support Manager and when?
    District Chief

    on that same day
  103. 323 Vehicle Incidents

    Who is responsible for the diagram if LEA declines to write a report?
    District Chief

    Must be documented in VDR that LEA didnt write report.
  104. 323 Vehicle Incidents

    Vehicle Incident Review Committee?
    • A Division Chief
    • Designee appointed by IAFF Pres.
    • Manager of Tac Support
    • Cert. EVOC instructor
    • Engineer selected by Director/Fire Chief (1yr)
    • Chair of Safety Committee or designee

    At least 3 members must be present at meeting
  105. 215

    When are EDAS bulletins discarded?
    Kept as long as info is applicable
  106. 215

    When are Informational Bulletins discarded?
    Discarded after Jan 15th of each yr, unless updated
  107. 215

    When are Instructional Bulletins discarded?
    Reviewed each yr and either discarded or adopted as part of Rules and Regs, SOPs, ets.
  108. 215

    When are Memorandums discarded?
    May be discarded after Jan 15th of each yr, unless updated
  109. 215

    When are Safety Bulletins discarded?
    Kept as long as the info is applicable
  110. 215

    When are Training Bulletins discarded?
    May be discarded after Jan 15th of each yr, unless udated
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