plumbing vocab 2

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  1. flushometer valve
    a valve designed to allow proper flow to a fixture that closes itself after operation to reseal the fixture trap
  2. flushometer tank
    an integrated device designed to discharge a predetermined amount of water for flushing
  3. flood hazard area
    an area that has a 1% or greater chance of flooding or is designated as a flood hazard on a flood hazard map
  4. fixture fitting
    a fitting that controls the volume of water
  5. fill valve
    a water supply valve opened or closed by means of a float or similar device used to supply water to a tank
  6. faucet
    the valve end of a water pipe from which water is drawn or held
  7. flush tank
    a tank designed with a fill valve and flush valve to flush the bowl
  8. gray water
    water from lavs, tubs, showers, clothes washers, and laundry trays
  9. gridded water distribution system
    a water distribution system where every water pipe is interconnected as to provide multiple paths to each fixture supply pipe
  10. label
    an identification applied on a product by the manufacturer
  11. leader
    an exterior drainage pipe that conveys storm water from roofs or gutters to an approved means of disposal
  12. indirect waste pipe
    a waste pipe not directly connected to the drainage system that discharges by an air break or air gap
  13. individual water supply
    a water supply that serves one or more families and is not an approved public water supply
  14. interceptor
    a device to separate undesirable matter that allows normal waste to discharge by gravity
  15. horizontal drainage branch
    a drainage pipe connected to a soil, waste stack or building drain that receives the discharge of 2 or more fixture drains or branches
  16. effective opening
    the minimum cross-sectional area at the point of water supply discharge
  17. existing installations
    any previously installed plumbing system for which an approval has been issued
  18. discharge pipe
    a pipe that conveys discharge
  19. depth of trap seal
    the depth of liquid that would have to be removed from a trap before air could pass through
  20. drain
    any pipe that carries waste water or water borne waste
  21. combination fixture
    a fixture combining a sink and laundry tray in one unit
  22. combination waste and vent system
    a horizontal wet vent system used for sinks, lavs, floor drains or drinking fountains sized to provide free movement of air above the flow line of the drain
  23. conductor
    an inside pipe that conveys storm water from the roof to the storm drain
  24. concealed fouling surface
    any surface not cleansed with each fixture operation
  25. critical level
    the elevation level below which there is a potential for backflow
  26. yoke vent
    a pipe connecting the soil or waste stack to the vent stack to prevent pressure changes in the stacks
  27. vacuum breaker
    a device that prevents water from being siphoned backward into the public drinking system
  28. water pipe (raiser)
    a pipe that conveys water and extends 1 or more stories
  29. water pipe (distribution)
    a pipe that conveys water from the service pipe to the place of utilization
  30. water pipe (service)
    the pipe from the supply to the distribution system
  31. waste receptor
    a device that receives the discharge of waste pipes and carries them by gravity to the sanitary drainage system
  32. water heater
    any heating device that heats potable water for the water distribution system
  33. water main
    a public owned water supply pipe
  34. vacuum
    any pressure less than atmospheric pressure
  35. unstable ground
    earth without a sturdy uniform bearing
  36. vertical pipe
    any pipe with an angle of 45 degrees or more
  37. waste
    the discharge from any fixture or device that does not contain fecal matter
  38. vent system
    a vent pipe installed to allow circulation of air to and from the drainage system to protect trap seals from siphonage and back pressure
  39. water hammer arrestor
    a device used to absorb the pressure surge created when water flow is suddenly stopped
  40. waste pipe
    a pipe that conveys only waste
  41. water supply system
    the water service pipe distribution pipes and all connecting pipes and fittings
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