Diseases and Procedures Words

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  1. adhesion
    band of scar tissue that binds anatomical surfaces that normally are separate from each other
  2. inflammation
    protective response of the body tissue to irritation, infection or allergy
  3. septicemia (sepsis, blood poisoning)
    severe bacterial infection in the blood which toxins circulating in the blood cause severe systemic symptoms
  4. culture & sensitivity (C&S)
    lab test performed on body fluid to identify the causative agent and its antibiotic susceptibility
  5. endoscopy
    visual examination of the interior organs and cavities with endoscope
  6. fluoroscopy
    directs x-rays through the body to a fluorescent screen to view the motion of organs, such as the digestive system and heart
  7. magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)
    employs magnetic energy (without ionizing x-rays) to produce cross-sectional images
  8. nuclear scan (nuclear scanning, radionuclide imaging, nuclear medicine scan)
    procedure that produces images of an organ by introducing a radionuclide that releases a low level of radiation
  9. tomography
    any of several radiographic technique, such as CT, PET, or SPECT, that produce a film representing a detailed cross section of tissue structure
  10. computerized tomography (CT)
    uses a narrow bean of x-rays which rotates in a full arc around the patient to image the body in cross-sectional slices
  11. ultrasonography (US)
    employs high- frequency sound waves to produce images of internal structures of the body
  12. x-ray (radiograph)
    high energy electromagnetic waves (x-rays) shown on a photographic film
  13. anastomosis
    surgically joins two ducts, blood vessels, or bowel segments to allow flow from one to the other
  14. cauterize
    process of burning abnormal tissue with electricity, freezing, heat, or chemicals (silver nitrate)
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