Day 39

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  1. abrupt
    adj. sharp, sudden, hasty, hurried 급한, 갑작스러운

    The airbag was released when the car came to an abrupt stop.
  2. adequate
    adj. sufficient, satisfactory          충분한

    Richard's research cannot be completed without adequate funding.
  3. advocate (2)
    v. 1. urge, support             주장하다, 지지하다

    The lobbyist is advocating the new bill to a senator.

    n. 2. proponent, supporter, upholder 지지자
  4. appendix
    n. suppliment, adjunct           부록, 부가물
  5. appropriate
    adj. suitable, proper, applicable      적절한
  6. assumption
    n. supposition                       가정
  7. bestow
    v. give, grant, confer, award     주다, 수여하다

    Merit financial scholarships are bestowed to high-achieving.
  8. boldly
    adv. bravely, daringly, courageously  용감하게

    Russian settlers boldly traveled to Siberia in the eighteenth.
  9. choicest
    adj. best, matchless            엄선된, 가장 좋은

    Gourmet foods are made of only the choicest ingredients.
  10. classic
    adj. typical, exemplary, model, standard  전형적인, 대표적인
  11. deposit
    v. lay, place, save, store      두다, 비축하다
  12. dogma
    n. belief, credo, creed      (독단적인) 신념, 신조

    The dogma that the end justifies the means is not true.
  13. employ
    v. use, utilize, exploit                이용하다

    High-frequency signals are employed for radio transmission.
  14. endorse
    v. 1. support, back, approve, advocate   보증하다, 지지하다

    v. 2. sign, subscribe                 배서(서명)하다
  15. constitute
    v. make up, comprise, compose        구성하다, 이루어져있다

    Several different ethnic groups constitute the population of Malaysia.
  16. exponential
    adj. explosive, incremental       급격한

    Analysts predicted the pharmaceutical company would continue to grow at an exponential rate.
  17. foremost
    adj. most respected, preeminent, supreme                으뜸가는
  18. fragrance
    n. scent                                   향기
  19. furthermore
    adv. moreover, in addition            더욱이
  20. genetic
    adj. hereditary, inborn, inheritable    유전적인
  21. imposing
    adj. impressive, grand, magnificent  강한 인상을 주는, 웅장한     

    The Empire State Building is an imposing structure situated in the heart of New York.
  22. luxurious
    adj. sumptous, rich, posh           사치스러운
  23. matter
    n. 1. substance, material, stuff      물질

    n. 2. issue                                  논점
  24. nurture
    v. raise, rear, nurse               양육하다
  25. offset
    v. balance, counterbalance, counteract  상쇄하다

    Residents on the island claim that the high bridge toll is offset by lower housing rentals.
  26. partially
    adv. incompletely, fractionally    부분적으로
  27. presumable
    adj. probable, likely, possible          있음직한

    An undetected gas leak was the presumable cause of the explosion.
  28. principle
    n. original method, precept, standard  원칙, 규칙 
  29. purveyor
    n. supplier                                공급업자

    The purveyor of wine didn't show up at the appointed time.
  30. replace
    v. supersede, supplant, substitue    대체하다
  31. routine
    adj. ordinary, normal, habitual      보통의, 일상적인
  32. scold
    v. reprove, reproach, reprimand, rebuke  꾸짖다
  33. sequence
    n. 1. string, series, succession      연속

    n. 2. order                                  순서
  34. startle
    v. astonish, surprise, frighten, astound  깜짝 놀라게 하다
  35. typical
    adj. common, ordinary, usual, normal   일반적인, 전형적인
  36. unshakable
    adj. firm, steadfast, fixed, unwavering   흔들리지 않는, 확고
  37. yield
    v. 1. cede, surrender, submit, give in   내주다, 굴복하다

    v. 2. produce, generate, cause         산출하다, 야기하다

    No one expected that the fireplace would yield terrible accidents.
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