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  1. What is an accident as defined by COA?
  2. An individual dies or suffers bodily injury,
    one or more vehicles incurs disabling damage.
  3. No employee shall consume Etoh w/in how many hours of work?
    4 hrs
  4. What are the steps of progressive discipline?
    • -verbal reprimand
    • -written reprimand
    • -suspension
    • -demotion
    • -termination
  5. What is the pediatric Narcan dose for basics?
    0.02 mg/kg, not to exceed 2mg
  6. What is considered hypoglycemic?
    less than 60 mg/dl
  7. What is considered hypotensive?
    Systolic less than 90 mm/hg
  8. What is the compression rate for CPR?
    100 per min
  9. What does START stand for?
    Simple triage and rapid transport
  10. What does RPM stand for?
    Respirations, pulse, motor sensory
  11. What are the START colors and meaning?
    • RED-immediate
    • YELLOW-delayed
    • GREEN-minor
    • BLACK-dead or dying
  12. Union bulletin board, where and size?
    5 ft from the floor, 4'x6'
  13. On 56 hr work week, accrue sick leave?
    5.54 pay period, 144 hrs a yr
  14. What is max military leave for unorganized reserve units?
    240 hrs per year
  15. What is max amount of days for injury time?
    60 days
  16. How much money for tuition assistance?
  17. What is the max MLWP allowable for each year?
    528 hrs
  18. How long is bereavement leave?
    2 - 24hr shifts
  19. Minimum suppression staffing?
  20. Overtime will be paid to the nearest?
  21. Overtime will be paid for a min of?
    4 hrs
  22. When will an employee be considered AWOL?
    not in quarters 2 hrs after beginning of shift
  23. What are the 4 parts of rehab?
    • A-entry point
    • B-hydration/replenishment
    • C-medical treatment/transport
    • D-reassignment
  24. In rehab, if HR over how much?  report to where?
    120 bpm, C-medical treatment/transport
  25. How far to keep away from aircraft engine intakes?
    30 ft
  26. Exhaust hazards on larger aircraft can be up to?
    200 ft
  27. Approach aircraft landing gear at what angle?
    45 degree
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