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  1. 401 Communications
    JFRD performs radio communications on what?
    First Coast Radio System

    800MHz trunking radio system
  2. 401 Communications

    What are the different "Flights" used for?
    • A- Primary/Dispatch
    • B- Fire Ground Communications
    • C- Surrounding Agencies, NIMS, mutual aid
    • D- Hospitals, Command Staff, rear rescue personnel
  3. 401 Communications

    Which A flights are not monitored by FRCC?
    • A8
    • A9
    • A10
    • A11,A12
    • A15
    • A16
  4. 401 Communications
    Which A flights are monitored when in use?
    exclude A1,A2,A3
    • A5
    • A13
    • A14
  5. 401 Communications

    What are the A Flights?
    • A1 - main suppression 4 or less units
    • A2 - dispatch
    • A3 - EMS 1
    • A5 - EMS 2 (special events)
    • A6 - Conventional Patch
    • A8 - Support
    • A9 - Training 1
    • A10- Fire Prevention
    • A11, A12 - Conventional, simplex, short range
    • A13- JFRD/JSO common
    • A14- JFRD/JEA common
    • A15- Lateral
    • A16- Admin.
  6. 401 Communications

    What are the Baptist D flights?
    • D1- Baptist Downtown
    • D2- Baptist Beaches
    • D3- Baptist South
  7. 401 Communications 

    What are the D flights for St.Lukes and St. Vincents?
    • D8- St. Lukes
    • D9- St. Vincents
  8. 401 Communications 

    What hospitals are on D4, D5, D6 and D10?
    • D4- OP
    • D5- Memorial
    • D6- NAS
    • D10- Mayo
  9. 401 Communications 

    Who and how do you contact for Telephone, radio, computer, etc. problems?
    • ITD
    • submitted through Fireweb utilizing Help Desk Link or by calling Radio Duty Pager
  10. 401 Communications 

    What transmissions does FRCC repeat?
    • Disposition updates
    • EMS Alerts
    • W Signals 
    • Maydays
    • Signal 34s
  11. 401 Communications 

    What is the order that units in quarters acknowledge dispatch receipt?
    • 1. EDAS
    • 2. Red Phone
    • 3. En-route on appropriate talk group
    • 4. En-route on MDT
  12. 401 Communications 

    Tankers are automatically dispatched to fire districts?
    • 16
    • 19-59
    • 301
    • upon field requests
  13. 401 Communications 

    What are the MCI levels?
    • I- 5-10 victims
    • II- 11-20
    • III- 21-100
    • IV- 101-1000
    • V- >1000
  14. 401 Communications  

    What is an Emergency Assistance Request Assignment?
    • Max Investigation Assignment
    • Rescue Unit
    • Rescue District Chief
    • Appropriate law enforcement agency
  15. 401 Communications 

    What is a FD200 (Romeo)?
    Required on all incidents.  Completed by Primary Suppression or EMS or Admin assigned to incident.
  16. 401 Communications 

    What is a FD300 (available)?
    Completed by all secondary units
  17. 401 Communications 

    What is an FD400?
    Fire Marshal Report
  18. 401 Communications 

    Secondary RIT assignment?
    Ladder 4, HR4, F4 automatically assigned on all W3's involving Large commercial, second alarm.

    On scene IC can alter assignment as needed
  19. 401 Communications 

    Who activates the USAR team?
    by administrative request
  20. 402 Vehicle Operations
    Should the need for apparatus repairs arise, when can Tac Support be contacted?
    • A8- 0700-1900 7 days a week
    • After 1900 contact FRCC
  21. 402 Vehicle Operations
    Vehicle Ops
    Favorable conditions are defined as?
    • Light Traffic
    • Dry Pavement
    • Good visibility
    • Good roads
  22. 402
    Vehicle Ops
    What are the max speeds you can drive?
    20mph over posted limit under favorable conditions

    Less than favorable conditions the posted speed limit is the absolute max

    Center lane or oncoming lanes, 20mph is max speed
  23. 402 Vehicle Operations

    What presents the greatest potential danger for emergency vehicles?
  24. 403 Incident Command
    What are the operating requirements of ICS?
    • Adaptability
    • and
    • Expandability
  25. 403 Incident Command
    Incident Command
    What are command procedures designed to accomplish?
    • Fix responsibility for command
    • Ensure strong, direct, visible command early
    • Provide system for orderly transfer of IC
    • Outline activities/responsibilities of IC
  26. 403 Incident Command

    IC must assume responsibility for?
    • Safety of all Personnel
    • Remove, Protect, treat occupants
    • Stop Fire, Hazard
    • Conserve Property
  27. 403 Incident Command

    What is the main reason for sectoring an incident?
    Safety of Personnel
  28. 403 Incident Command

    Who has the emergency authority to halt or suspend operations if necessary?
    Safety Officer
  29. 404 Personnel Accountability
    Who is responsible for the tracking of personnel on a scene?
    Everyone's responsibilty
  30. 404 Personnel Accountability

    What info is kept on the JFRD Riding List?
    Name of each person listed by seat/job, SCBA and radio #

    Company/unit #


  31. 404 Personnel Accountability

    If it is discovered that a FF is missing, what will the IC request on structures other than a small, single family residence?
    An additional alarm

    If the IC decides than an additional alarm is needed for a single-family residence, it should be called for immediately.
  32. 404
    Personnel Accountability
    Who is the key to personnel tracking?
    Company Officer
  33. 405 
    What is a Signal 24?
    An Investigation
  34. 406
    What is a Signal 25?
    Structure Fire
  35. 406 Structure Fire
    What equip. does the Engineer of the first arriving Rescue take to a location near the entrance to the structure?
    • Stretcher
    • Jump Bag
    • Oxygen
  36. 406 Structure Fire

    If a tanker shuttle is implemented, what shall the IC call for?
    Minimum of 2 additional takers as well as another Engine Company
  37. 406 Structure Fire

    Personnel operating in hazardous areas shall?
    • Operated in teams of two or more
    • and 
    • Be in communication by any means available
  38. 406 Structure Fire

    When is  the evacuation process complete?
    When all affected crews and crewmembers are accounted for.
  39. 407
    Definition of a High-rise?
    building which is 4 floors or greater
  40. 407 High-Rise
    In order to use elevators three conditions must be met?
    • Positive key control 
    • Info indicates elevators are safe to use
    • Hoistway is clear of smoke and fire
  41. 407 High-Rise

    If elevators are used for initial ascent, the attack crews will stop when?
    every 5 floors to recheck hoistway

    elevator should be taken no higher than 2 floors below the fire floor
  42. 407 High-Rise

    Although not required for the initial attack team companies, what should companies bring in addition to their High rise equipment?
    1 spare air bottle per person
  43. 407 High-Rise

    What does an Engine Companies High-rise equipment consist of?
    • 150' of 1-3/4" hose, nozzle
    • High-rise bag:
    • 6' of 2-1/2" hose
    • 2-1/2" to 1-1/2" gated wye
    • Spanner wrench
    • Pipe Wrench (14" min.)
    • Marking Device
  44. 407 High-Rise

    What does a Ladder Companies High-rise equipment consist of?
    • Combo ladder
    • 6' ek hook
    • 200' hoisting rope
    • Irons
    • TIC
    • Hydra Ram
  45. 407 High-Rise

    What does a Rescue Units High-rise equipment consist of?
    • Jump bag
    • Cardiac Monitor
    • Drugs
    • Oxygen
    • Stretcher
  46. 407 High-Rise

    What are the tactical floor priorities?
    • Fire floor
    • Floor above
    • Floor below
    • All Floors
  47. 407
    How long should intervals between relief be?
    No longer than 25min
  48. 407
    What is the Search Order?
    • Fire Floor
    • Floor Above
    • Top Floor
    • Work down from top floor
  49. 407 High-Rise

    When pressurizing stairwells where should they be open?
    • Evac stairs open at roof
    • Attack stairs open at fire floor only
  50. 407 High-Rise

    What are the hose lengths carried on Air 5 and Air 2?
    • Air 5 - 600'
    • Air 2 - 200'
  51. 407 High-Rise

    On a high-rise do you supply the sprinklers or standpipe first?
  52. 407 High-Rise

    What are the 1st Ladder Crews top priorities?
    • Force Entry
    • Search and Rescue
    • Ventilate
    • Check for extension
  53. 407
    What does the first arriving Rescue District Chief do?
    Prepare to establish the Triage and or rehab sectors
  54. 407
    Where should FF be placed to effectively shuttle equip.?
    every two floors
  55. 408 RIT
    Engine Company RIT equipment?
    • Portable Radios
    • Portable Lights
    • Forcible entry tools (Irons.6'ek hook)
    • TIC
    • Complete SCBA with buddy hose
    • Standard issue rope
  56. 408 RIT

    Ladder Company RIT equipment?
    • Portable Radios
    • Portable Lights
    • Forcible entry tools (Irons,6'ek hook, Ram)
    • TIC
    • Complete SCBA, buddy hose, transfill hose
    • Issued RIT rope (6mm kevlar w/ring/knots
    • Rescue saw or chain saw
  57. 408 RIT

    What officers will be designated before a RIT is deployed?
    Chief or senior officer to command search

    Safety Officer (in addition to overall ISO)
  58. 408 RIT

    On all W3's in a large commercial, second alarm or greater in any structure a secondary RIT consisting of who, will be dispatched?
    L4, HR4 and F4
  59. 408 RIT

    What is the most important action once youve found a lost/trapped FF?
    Maintaining air supply
  60. 409 Wildland Fires
    What is the range for the drought index?
    • 0-0800
    • Higher the number the lower the moisture
  61. 409 Wildland Fires

    What is a FRL3?
    Very active fire day anticipated.  Fire occurrence above average and difficulty of control expected.
  62. 409 Wildland Fires

    Companies with considerable brush and Urban interface fire potential shall size-up those areas with regards to the following areas?
    • Life Hazards
    • Exposures
    • Access Roads
    • Water Supply
    • Natural Fire Breaks
  63. 409 Wildland Fires
    Structure Triage
    Deemed Hopeless?
    • 25% or more of roof involved
    • Water supply low
    • Personnel safety at risk
  64. 409 Wildland Fires
    Structure Triage
    Tactical Guidelines?
    • 15min commitment
    • 1 unit per structure in isolated areas
    • 1 unit per structure in subdivisions
    • Limit hose lay to 200'
  65. 409 Wildland Fires
    Mop up
    When is a fire considered contained?
    When there is 100% extinguishment within 100' of the fire line.

    When drought index is 400 or higher, fire needs to be checked daily until it is cold
  66. 409 Wildland Fires
    Safety Guidelines
    • Lookouts
    • Communications
    • Escape Routes
    • Safety Zones
  67. 409 Wildland Fires

    Besides LCES safety guidelines what additional safety guidelines should be followed?
    • Stay mobile
    • Back apparatus in
    • Dont park under power lines
    • Close apparatus doors and windows
    • Maintain 25% of booster tank
  68. 410 Hurricane
    What is hurricane season?
    June 1st to Nov. 30th
  69. 410 Hurricane

    What stage of a hurricane is 36-60hrs prior to landfall?
    Hurricane Watch
  70. 410 Hurricane

    What stage of a hurricane is 24-36hr prior to landfall?
    Hurricane Warning
  71. 410 Hurricane

    What category is a hurricane with 96-110mph winds?
    Category 2 Moderate
  72. 410 Hurricane

    What category hurricane has 131-155mph winds?
    Category 4 Extreme
  73. 410 Hurricane

    What are the groups that fall under the Emergency Services Branch?
    • FF Group
    • Hazmat Group
    • Health and Medical Group
  74. 410 Hurricane

    Who does the JFRD assist with the Health and Medical Group?
    Duval County Health Department
  75. 410 Hurricane

    What are the 4 complexes during hurricane ops?
    • North
    • South
    • West
    • Beaches
  76. 410 Hurricane

    During a Hurricane Watch, who joins other county officials at the EOC?
    • Director/Fire Chief
    • Deputy Director/Fire Chief
    • Division Chief of Ops
    • Division Chief of Rescue
    • Division Chief of Emergency Preparedness
    • Division Chief of Services
  77. 410 Hurricane

    Who does FRCC notify when a Hurricane Watch is issued for Duval County?
    • Director/Fire Chief
    • Deputy Director/Fire Chief
    • All Division Chiefs
  78. 410 Hurricane

    When does the Station Capt. report any deficiencies found to the Battalion Chief through the chain of command?
    On May 1st
  79. 410 Hurricane
    Hurricane Season Checklist
    When are corrective measures to be completed by?
    prior to June 1st
  80. 410 Hurricane

    Structures not suitable for winds above 74mph must be evacuated when?
    6hrs prior to landfall
  81. 410 Hurricane

    Who maintains a master list of structures and stations evacuation requirements?
    Division Chief of Operations
  82. 410 Hurricane

    Who ensures that precautions have been met for scheduled evacuations and what are they?
    Chief of Services

    • Board up windows and openings
    • Secure outside objects
    • Coordinate with Public Building Division for                   
    •       ,elec, gas, water
    • Notify FRCC
  83. 410 Hurricane

    Who do you notify during an unscheduled evac of the station?
    • District Chief
    • Fire Group Supervisor
  84. 410 Hurricane

    Who can give permission in advance for someone to obtain shelter in a JFRD facility?
    Appropriate Division Chief
  85. 410 Hurricane
    Leading cause of death during hurricanes?

    Second Leading cause of death during hurricanes?

    Electrical Hazards
  86. 410 Hurricane

    What is the most potentially destructive force during any major hurricane?
    Storm Surge
  87. 410 Hurricane

    Durring a hurricane, when might apparatus be placed out of service?
    Sustained winds of 50mph or greater or when local conditions become unsafe.
  88. 410 Hurricane

    Who is primarily responsible for activating the CISM team?
    HQ Fire Group Supervisor
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