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  1. ENG pg5

    What fluids are the engineer authorized to add?
    Motor Oil

    Power Steering Fluid

    Water to the cooling system
  2. ENG pg5

    What is the proper air brake pressure?
  3. ENG pg6

    During the Daily Inspection, with the pump engaged and the tank to pump valve open, what are you checking?
    • Verify pressure on Maste discharge
    • Operate primer
    • Proper operation of pressure relief or governor
    • Proper operation of transfer valve
    • Operate electric valves, fully open/fully closed
    • Discharge water from at least one discharge
    • Open/Close piston intake valves then drain
  4. ENG pg7

    During Daily Equip Inspection what should the portable oxygen tank pressure be?
  5. ENG pg8

    How should hydraulic spreaders be stored?
    With 1/2" gap between the tips
  6. ENG pg8

    During Daily equip Inspection how long should you run the generator? 

    What do you check the gen. for?
    Run generator until fully warmed up (approx 5min)

    Check oil and coolant levels
  7. ENG pg8

    When should a more thorough inspection of the equip and apparatus be done?
    Each Monday
  8. ENG pg8

    Do you clean and verify proper charging for the TIC during a Daily or Weekly Inspection?
    Weekly Engine Inspection
  9. ENG pg11

    During a Weekly Equip Inspection, how many drops of air tool oil should you lube the air chisel?

    Where do you put the oil?
    Apply 5 drops of air tool oil into the blade end
  10. ENG pg 12

    What do you use Graphite for?
    Ease the movement of pump valve handles.

    Applied to the remote control handle shaft and mechanism.
  11. ENG pg13

    If service requires the engine to be out of service for 24hrs or a shorter period that spans two shifts, what kind of inspection should be done?
    A complete daily inspection shall be done prior to swapping equip and returning to service.
  12. ENG pg13

    What Engines have a diesel exhaust regeneration system?
    Engines purchased 2009 and newer
  13. ENG pg15

    What is the primary consideration for engine placement?
    Safety of the patient and responders
  14. ENG pg16

    Who do you contact prior to attempting to remove any engine that has become stuck?
  15. ENG pg16

    Except when responding to an emergency, where do you not drive engines?
    On private driveways or on private bridges
  16. ENG pg17

    When backing where should the spotter be?
    On the engineers side, 5-10 feet from the tailboard, in the most visible location for the engineer.
  17. ENG pg18

    The mains supplying hydrants range in size and have an average static pressure of?
    What are the sizes?
    6" to 36"

    70psi static pressure
  18. ENG pg18

    What size inlet do city hydrants have?
  19. ENG pg18

    Hydrant flow will vary based on what?
    • Diameter of the water main
    • and
    • Supplied Pressure

    Other variables such as dead end mains or loops, partially closed street valves, sediment, and damaged mains can interfere with hydrant flow
  20. ENG pg19

    What are the size of residential and commercial mains?
    Residential 6"-10"

    Commercial 8"-36"
  21. ENG pg19

    What are the two factors that determine hydrant flow?
    • Diameter of the water main
    • and 
    • water main pressure
  22. ENG pg20

    Private Hydrants (industrial) can have a static pressure up to?
  23. ENG pg20

    Private Hydrants (apartment/business) have supply mains that are?
    6"-10" dead end mains or loops
  24. ENG pg21

    NFPA hydrant color codes
    What flow is Orange?
  25. ENG p22

    When pumping from the apparatus tank, JFRD engines are limited to?
  26. ENG pg23

    On a dry hydrant what is the max length of the system?

    What is the preferred length of the system?
    • 20' maximum
    • 10'preferred
  27. ENG pg23

    On a dry hydrant what size pvc pipe is used?
    6", 8" or 10"
  28. ENG pg23

    On a dry hydrant what is the minimum distance from the bottom to the strainer and the minimum water level above the strainer?
    2' below and 2' above
  29. ENG pg24

    JFRD, American LaFrance engines are fitted with what brand pump?
    Hale pumps
  30. ENG pg24

    JFRD, Pierce engines are fitted with what brand of pump?
    Waterous pumps
  31. ENG pg24

    JFRD engine's pumps are rated at what flow and with what size tank?
    1500 or 2000gpm pumps

    600gal tanks
  32. ENG pg25

    The pump cannot be operated dry!
    This is just a reminder and this was an ENG test question before
  33. ENG p26

    What are the two different types of pump shifts?

    Which engines have which?
    Pierce have Pneumatic Shift

    ALF have Electric over Pneumatic Shift
  34. ENG pg27

    Centrifugal pumps are tested by UL in accordance with what NFPA standard?
    NFPA 1911
  35. ENG pg27

    How is the pump test measured?
    Volume at three pressures while drafting 10' of lift
  36. ENG pg27

    What is the rated capacities for a 1500gpm pump?
    100% capacity at 150psi (1500gpm)

    70%   capacity at 200psi (1050gpm)

    50%   capacity at 250psi (750gpm)
  37. ENG pg28

    What is another name for the VOLUME position?
    Parallel or capacity
  38. ENG pg28

    When the transfer valve is set to PRESSURE, attempts to pump volumes above a certain amount will not be successful, what is the volume?
  39. ENG pg28

    On Pierce two-stage pumps there is a manual override for the transfer valve, what size socket do you need?
    3/4" socket and socket wrench needed
  40. ENG pg28

    When should you the transfer valve be set to VOLUME?
    When the discharge volume exceeds 50% or the rated capacity
  41. ENG pg29

    What yr did JFRD start specifying single-stage pumps?
  42. ENG pg29

    What size and how many intakes are on JFRD engines?
    • 5 intakes
    • Two-6" steamer intakes

    Two-2 1/2" auxiliary intakes (pony intakes)

    Some engines have 5" rear intake with electric control valve
  43. ENG pg29

    The Piston Intake Valve incorporates 4 things?
    Piston water control valve

    Spring operated pressure relief valve

    Bleeder valve to bleed air from supply hose

    5" storz adapter
  44. ENG p29

    Both the internal and external "built in" pressure relief valves are adjustable, what are they set at?
  45. ENG pg30

    To get the rated capacity while drafting from a 2000gpm pump what must be done?
    Draft through both 6" steamers
  46. ENG p30

    What is the draft limitation through the 5" rear intake?
  47. ENG p30 

    What kind of valves are most intake and discharge valves?
    quarter turn ball valves
  48. ENG p30

    Large diameter intakes and discharges are the "slow operating" type to prevent what?

    How long does the electric rear intake valve take to fully open?
    Prevents Water Hammer

    valve takes 15-20sec to fully open or close
  49. ENG p31

    Each pump gauge is what type of gauge?
    Compound type
  50. ENG p31

    What is the pressure scale and vacuum scale on the pump gauges?
    • 0-400psi or 0-600psi
    • 0 to -30inches
  51. ENG p32

    What are the two type of primers?

  52. ENG p32

    What RPM should be set before operating the primer?
  53. ENG p33

    What should the Water Temp gauge normal reading be?
    • Water Temp
    • 180-220° fully warmed up
  54. ENG pg33

    What should the Oil Pressure gauge's normal reading be?
    • Oil Pressure
    • 15ps at idle
    • 35-45psi at speed
  55. ENG pg33

    What should the voltage gauges normal reading be?
    • Voltage
    • 13-14.5 volts
  56. ENG pg34

    When opened how much does the Pump Cooler/Recirulator valve flow?
    Less than 25gpm
  57. ENG pg34

    What temp is the Thermal dump valve activated at?
    • 120°
    • Discharges pump water into booster tank or onto the ground
  58. ENG pg35

    How do you set the Discharge Pressure Relief Valve on ALF engines?
    Rotate handweel counter clockwise until slight drop in PDP on master discharge gauge. Light should illuminate.

    Rotate handwheel clockwise until original PDP is restored and lamp goes out.

    Continue to rotate clockwise 1/4 turn.  Valve is set.
  59. ENG pg39

    Steps for proper governor operation?
    • 1.Engage pump
    • 2.Opent Tank to pump
    • 3.Open appropriate dicharge
    • 4.Operate governor
  60. ENG pg42

    Minimum Engine hose inventory?
    • 1000' of 5"
    • 1000' of 2 1/2"
    • 4 pre-connected 1 3/4" (100',150',200')
    • 200' booster line (1")
    • 2 sections 10' suction
    • 150' 1 3/4" hose in high rise
  61. ENG pg 42

    Where should place a hose clamp on LDH?
    Close to coupling on supply side, at least 25' from tailboard
  62. ENG pg43

    What is the FL for LDH at 1200gpm?
    10psi FL per 100'
  63. ENG pg43

    What is the practical volume limit of LDH?
  64. ENG pg44

    A 2 1/2" hose can flow up to what gpm?
    up to 400gpm for supply or master stream

    up to 300gpm for a handline
  65. ENG pg45

    What is the advantage of a 2 1/2" pre-connected handline?
    • Rapid Deployment
    • UP to 300GPM
  66. ENG Pg46

    How many Gated Wye's should every engine company have?
    at least 2
  67. ENG Pg46

    What is the friction loss in a 2 1/2" handline?
    10psi every 100'
  68. ENG pg46

    How many gpm does a 1 1/8" tip flow?
  69. ENG pg46

    How many gpm does a 1" tip flow?
  70. ENG pg46

    How many gpm does a 1 1/4" tip flow on a handline?
  71. ENG pg47

    What is the "bread and butter" attack line for JFRD?
    1 3/4" hose loaded and preconnected
  72. ENG pg47

    What color is used to 150' or 200' crosslays?
    Red and Yellow
  73. ENG pg47

    What colors are used for 100 or 150' bumper lines?
    White and Orange
  74. ENG pg47

    What is the difference between 75psi and 100psi Akron Turbojet nozzles?
    75psi are color coded

    100psi are black
  75. ENG pg47

    1 3/4" Akron Turbojet Nozzle
    What is the gpm range?
    What gpm settings do JFRD recommend?
    • 30-200gpm
    • 95, 125, 150gpm
  76. ENG pg47

    2 1/2" Akron Turbojet
    What is the adjustable flow range?
    125, 150, 200 and 250gpm
  77. ENG pg48

    How much can an engineer increase PDP to overcome kinks when a 75psi nozzle is used?
    can boost PDP by 10-25psi
  78. ENG pg48

    What is the PDP for an Akron Turbojet 75psi nozzle set on 95-150gpm?

    100psi PDP for 95-150gpm setting

    150psi PDP for 200gpm setting
  79. ENG pg48

    What is the PDP for a 1 3/4" Akron Turbojet 100psi nozzle set on 95-150gpm

    125psi PDP for 95-150gpm

    175psi PDP for 200gpm
  80. ENG pg49

    What are the smooth bore tip flows on the Akron Saberjet nozzle?
    7/8"- 150gpm

    15/16"- 180gpm
  81. ENG pg49

    What is the flow for the fog setting on the Akron Saberjet nozzle?
  82. ENG pg49

    What PDP do you pump the Akron Saberjet Nozzle?
    A PDP of 125psi will produce the rated flows with 150' or 200' of hose
  83. ENG pg49

    How much does the friction loss increase when switching from fog to solid on the Akron Saberjet nozzle?
    40-50psi friction loss increase when smooth bore is selected.

    You do not need to adjust PDP
  84. ENG pg49

    What is the rated flow of the Elkhart High-rise nozzle?
    • Fog- 125gpm at 75psi NP
    • break apart
    • 7/8" smooth bore- 150gpm at 50psi NP
  85. ENG pg51

    How many feet of booster hose does each engine carry?
    200' of 1" booster hose
  86. ENG pg51

    What kind of nozzle is on the booster reel and what is the flow rate?
    Automatic nozzle

    Max of 70gpm at 300psi PDP
  87. ENG pg52

    What is the flow rate of the low level strainer carried on tankers?
    up to 950gpm
  88. ENG pg53

    Who on JFRD carries Mil-spec AFFF?
    • E7,E21
    • Stations 16 and 56
    • Foam 37 and 371
  89. ENG pg 53

    How many gallons of foam do the foam tankers carry?
    1800 gallons each
  90. ENG pg54

    How much foam is carried on the engines and tankers?
    Engines- minimum of 18gal, enough to convert the booster tank.

    Tanke- minimum of 75gal, enough to convery 2500gal tank.
  91. ENG pg55

    What is the max distance between nozzle and the 125gpm foam eductor?
    75psi nozzle- max distance is 250'

    100psi nozzle- max distance is 150'
  92. ENG pg55

    The 125gpm eductor requires an inlet pressure of?

    Will educt at lower pressures
  93. ENG pg55

    Who carries the Angus 240gpm eductor?
    E1, E7, E11, E21, E30, E32, E34, E37
  94. ENG pg55

    What is the max inlet pressure for the Angus 240gpm eductor?
  95. ENG pg55

    Who carries Several Large Caliber Master Stream appliances for foam and dry chemicals?
    • Hazmat Teams
    • Station 37
  96. ENG pg56

    Who carries the Akron 250gpm eductor?

    What is the max distance between this eductor and the nozzle?
    E7, E21

    up to 300' between nozzle and eductor
  97. ENG pg56

    What is the shelf life of Class A foam?
  98. ENG pg56

    What color are the AR-AFFF foams we carry?
    Ansulite is yellow

    Thunderstorm is green
  99. ENG pg56

    Can the AR-AFFF foam we carry be used for subsurface injection?
    No, cannot be used for subsurface injection
  100. ENG pg59

    What is the rating for the 27lb PKP ext?
    • 27lb
    • 18ft in 12sec
    • 20B:C
  101. ENG pg59

    What is the rating for the foam ext?
    • 2 1/2gal AR-AFFF
    • 20ft
    • 3A:20B
  102. ENG p59

    What is the rating of the CO2 ext?
    • 20lb CO2
    • 3-8ft
    • 10B:C
  103. ENG pg59

    What is the rating for the 18lb PKP?
    • 18lb
    • 18ft in 18sec
    • 80B:C
  104. ENG pg60

    Heavy engines carry a generator.  What does the twin-cylinder diesel motor power?
    10 kilowatt (KW) generator
  105. ENG pg60

    How many lights does the generator power on heavy engines?
    • 5 lights
    • Front, Side, Rear

    also a 30amp cord reel
  106. ENG pg60

    What is the length wire rope and rated capacity of the winch that is carried on the heavy engines?
    100' wire rope

    9000lb pulling capacity
  107. ENG pg62

    What can the fog nozzles that are carried on Ladder Trucks flow?
    flow up to 1250gpm
  108. ENG pg63

    What PDP should a ladder pipe be supplied at?
    150psi PDP when supplying within 100'
  109. ENG pg64

    How much pressure do you add for FL in an appliance?
    Add 10-25psi friction loss

    For higher gpm expect the friction loss to be closer to 25gpm
  110. ENG pg64

    What is the max discharge pressure for a 2" smooth bore on the stinger?
    2"- max discharge pressure is 50psi
  111. ENG pg64

    What is the max discharge pressure for a
    1 3/4" smooth bore on the stinger base?
    1 3/4"- max pressure of 70psi
  112. ENG pg64

    What is the max discharge pressure for a
    1 3/8" or 1 1/2" stinger base?
    100psi max pressure
  113. ENG pg64

    What is the max flow with a fog nozzle when using the stinger base?
    800gpm max with fog nozzle
  114. ENG pg65

    What is the preferred supply hose?
  115. ENG pg66

    When performing a "Hard Suction Hook-up", what is the preferred amount of personnel?
    3 personnel preferred

    Minimum of 2 personnel
  116. ENG pg67

    When performing a "Full Hydrant Connection", how much increase in water supply will you get when using LDH for both supply hoses?
    Most cases will provide a 25% increase in water supply
  117. ENG pg67

    When connecting to the hydrant with LDH at the steamer and two 2 1/2" hoses connected to the other hydrant discharges, where must you connect the 2 1/2" hoses to be most effective?
    2 1/2" hoses must be connected to the large diameter intakes to be most effective
  118. ENG pg68

    When pumping LDH in a relay, what is the recommended initial PDP?
    50psi plus 10psi per 100' for FL
  119. ENG p68

    What are the only limitations for "source" and "relay" engines?
    • 200psi max PDP 
    • and
    • Minimum 10psi residual
  120. ENG pg68 

    In the event that one engine is able to pump two LDH lines, what is the preferred second discharge?
    The 2 1/2" discharge on the officers side has 3" piping
  121. ENG p68

    What is the goal when relay pumping?
    to have 50psi residual pressure at each pump (with the exception of the source engine)
  122. ENG pg70

    What does the FDC consist of?
    a pair of 2 1/2" connections Siamesed into the building riser
  123. ENG pg70

    What is the PDP for sprinkler systems?
    PDP of 150psi for sprinkler systems
  124. ENG pg70

    What is the PDP when pumping a standpipe system?
    On or below the 10th floor, charge standpipe to 150psi

    Above the 10th floor increase PDP to 180psi
  125. ENG pg73

    What is the max height for drafting?
    25ft max height for drafting
  126. ENG pg73

    What is the strainer clearance when drafting from a static water source?
    One foot of strainer clearance from the bottom and 18" below the water source
  127. ENG pg73

    What should you increase throttle speed to before you activate the primer?
  128. ENG pg73

    How long can you activate the primer?
    1500gpm pump- limit use to 45sec

    2000gpm pump- can extend time to 90sec when using both steamers
  129. ENG pg77

    How long does it take to dump 2500gal through the quick dump valve?
  130. ENG pg77

    How are the best fill and dump sites for a tanker shuttle?
    So a tanker engineer can drive the complete route in a straight line without backing
  131. ENG pg78

    What is the refill time for a tanker?
    2-3min with 2 1/2" hose 

    under 2min with 3" hose
  132. ENG pg78

    What formula can help the IC or water supply officer determine the GPM that can be delivered by the tanker?
    •                  TIME
  133. ENG pg79

    When pumping from a hydrant, how much can a tanker pump through 5" hose?
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