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    What are the limits for the Come-a-long?
    Single line- 2000lbs

    Double line- 4000lbs
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    What is the Rated load for the High Lift Jack?
    4660 Rated Load

    7000 tested load
  3. EXT pg3 

    What is the useable lift for the High Lift Jack?
    37" useable lift

    Height is 48"
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    What are the Sizes and Limits for the chains?
    6'- 3500lbs

    12'- 3500lbs

    15'- 7100lbs
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    What is the J-Hook rated at?
  6. EXT pg4

    What is the cutting force for the X-tractor II?
    Cutting force- 60,000 @ center

    Cutting force- 90,000 @ base
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    What is the opening distance for the
    X-tractor II?
    opening distance- 6 inches
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    What is the Spreading force of the ML32?
    spreading force- 16,000lbs @ tips
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    What is the opening distance of the ML32?
    opening distance- 32 inches
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    What is the opening force of the JL 20/30/60 Ram?
    Opening force- 15,708lbs
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    What is the Closing force of the JL 20/30/60 Ram?
    Closing force- 9,572lbs
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    What is the opening distances for the
    JL 20//30/60 Rams
    • Opening distance
    • 22/36/60in
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    What is the spreading force of the
    ML 16S Maverick?
    Spreading force- 13,000lbs
  14. EXT pg4

    What is the Cutting force of the 
    ML 16S Maverick?
    Cutting force- 60,000lbs
  15. EXT pg4

    What is the Opening distances of the 
    ML 16S Maverick?
    • Opening Distances
    • 16" @ tips
    • 9"  @ Cutter
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    What are the propellants of for an airbag?


    Sodium Azide with Potassium Nitrate
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    How fast are airbags deployed and how hot can the canister get?
    Airbags deploy in less than 1/10th of a sec

    Once deployed the canister can remain at temps up to 600°
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    What is the 5-10-20 rule?
    5   inches for side impact bag

    10 inches for drivers side front impact bag

    20 inches for passenger side front impact bag
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    What temp are airbags designed to deploy at?
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    What is the PH of a NiMH batteries electrolyte?
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    On a hybrid what wire should you never cut?
    Orange Wires
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    How much of a greater Air fuel mixture does Hydrogen need than propane or gasoline?
    2x's that of propane

    4x's that of gasoline
  23. EXT pg21

    How is the lifting capacity determined for High Lift Airbags?
    Length X width X PSI
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    If bags are stacked 2 high, when should you stop the lift?
    5 degrees of tilt

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