Leadership Ch3

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  1. Facilitate goal accomplishment. This type of behavior helps members achieve their objectives.
    Task Behaviors
  2. Help subordinates feel comfortable
    Relationship behaviors
  3. LBDQ
    Leadership Behavior Description Questionair
  4. Behaviors that are initially task behaviors, including such acts as organizing work, giving structure to the work context, defining roles and responsibilities, and scheduling work activities.
    initiating structure behavior
  5. Behaviors that are essentially relationship behaviors and include building camaraderie, respect, trust, and liking between leaders and followers.
    Consideration Behaviors
  6. A leadership theory that attempts to explain how leaders should integrate consideration and structure into the leadership style.
    Path-goal approach
  7. Behavior of leaders who approach subordinates with a strong human relations emphasis. take interest of their workers as human beings, value their individualality, and give special attention to their needs.
    Employee Orientation
  8. Employees are viewed as a means of getting work accomplished. Stress the technical and production aspects of the job.
    Production Orientation
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