PCOM Herbs 4 Midterm

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  1. Herbs in Ma Huang Tang
    • Ma Huang
    • Gui Zhi
    • Xing Ren
    • Zhi Gan Cao
  2. Action of Ma Huang Tang
    • Tai Yang Cold Damage
    • Promotes Sweating, Release, Exterior, Disseminates Lung, Stop Wheezing
  3. Chief Herb in Ma Huang Tang
    Ma Huang
  4. Diagnosis for Ma Huang Tang
    • Chill and Fever w/o Sweating
    • Headache, bodyaches, wheezing
    • Tongue: thin white coat
    • Pulse: floating
  5. Action of Gui Zhi Tang
    • Tai Yang Wind Strike
    • Relase the exterior, Regulates Ying and Wei Qi
  6. Herbs in Gui Zhi Tang
    • Gui Zhi
    • Bai Shao
    • Sheng Jiang
    • Da Zao
    • Gan Cao
  7. Function of all Herbs in Gui Zhi Tang
    • Gui Zhi: Release WD and Flesh, regulate wei qi (Out trusting of WC)
    • Bai Shao: Helps Gui Zhi to regulating Ying & Wei, contain the ying, Preserve the Yin.
    • Sheng Jiang: Assist Gui Zhi to release exterior, Harmonize ST, Descend Qi, Transform Fluids
    • Da Zao: Helps Bao Shao to produce ying.  Boost Middle Jiao.
    • Zhi Gan Cao: Preserves Yang, Preserves Yin, Harmonize formula
  8. Diagnosis for Gui Zhi Tang
    • Fever and Chills with Sweating
    • Headache, aversion to wind, stiff neck
    • Tongue: thin, white, moist
    • Pulse: Floating
  9. Chief Herb in Gui Zhi Tang
    Gui Zhi
  10. Diagnosis for Xiao Qing Long Tang
    Tai Yang Wind Strike pattern with coughing up thin phlegm-drool and focal distention.  Internal Rheum.
  11. Chief Herbs in Xiao Qing Long Tang
    • Ma Huang
    • Gui Zhi
  12. Function of Gan Jiang & Xi Xin in Xiao Qing Long Tang
    Warm interior, transform damp, stop cough, cook down fluids
  13. Function of Wu Wei Zi in Xiao Qing Long Tang
    Preserve Lung Qi, stop cough
  14. Formula for treating headache due to head wind
    Chuan Xiong Cha Tiao San
  15. Action of Ge Gen Tang
    • Action: Release the exterior and the muscle layer, generate fluids
    • Indication: Fever and Chills with no sweating, stiff and rigid neck and upperback
  16. Action and indication for Chuan Xiong Cha Tiao San
    • Action: Disperse Wind and alleviate pain
    • Indication: Headache due to wind, exterior syndrome w/ headache.
  17. Action and Indication of Xiang Su San
    • Action: Regulate Qi and Release Exterior
    • Indication: Exterior WC with Qi stagnation at the interior, bodyaches, focal distention and chest oppression
  18. Action and Indication for Jia Wei Xiang Su San
    • Action: Promotes Seating and release exterior
    • Indication: Mild WC
  19. Action and Indication for Jiu Wei Qiang Huo San
    • Action: Release Exterior, promotes sweating, eliminates damp, clear heat
    • Indication: WCD in exterior w/ internal heat
  20. Action and Indication for Sang Ju Yin
    • Action: Disperes W and clear heat, disseminates lung and stop cough
    • Indication: Early stage WH
  21. Herbs in Yin Qiao San
    • Jin Yin Hua
    • Lian Qiao
    • Bo He
    • Jie Geng
    • Niu Bang Zi
    • Dan Dou Chi
    • Jing Jie
    • Dan Zhu Ye
    • Lu Gen
    • Gan Cao
  22. Action and Indication of Yin Qiao San
    • Action: Release exterior, clear heat and resolve tox
    • Indication: Early stage Wen Bing, WH invasion, Wei level heat.
  23. Action and Indication of Sheng Ma Ge Gen Tang
    • Action: Release the muscle layer and vent rashes
    • Indication: Early stage measles due to external heat
  24. Action and Indication of Chai Ge Jie Ji Tang
    • Action: Release the muscle layer and clears interior heat
    • Indication: Simultaneously taiyang and yangming patterns.  Unresolved WC becomes heat.
  25. Action and Indication for Cang Er Zi San
    • Actions: Disperse W, alleviates pain, unblock nasal pasage
    • Indication: Deep-source nasal congestion or brain seepage
  26. Action and Indication for Qiang Lan Tang
    • Action: Release exterior, clear heat, relieve tox
    • Indication: WH affecting the head and neck
  27. Action and Indication for Xin Yi San
    • Action: Unblocks nasal passages and release exterior
    • Indication: Nasal congestion and pain, copious nasal discharge, loos of smell, headache due to wind.
  28. Action and Indication for Bi yan Pian
    • Action: unblocks nasal passages and release exterior
    • Indication: Nasal congestion and pain, copious nasal discharge, loss of smell, headache due to wind.
  29. Herbs in Bai Hu Tang
    • Shi Gao
    • Zhi Mu
    • Zhi Gan Cao
    • Geng Mi
  30. Action and Indication of Bai Hu Tang
    • Action: Clears heat and eliminates vexation, generate fluids
    • Indication: Yangming Channel Syndrome, Qi Level Heat, 4 bigs
  31. Action and Indication for Zhu Ye Shi Gao Tang
    • Action: Clear heat, generate fluids, boosts qi and harmonize the st
    • Indication: Lingering Qi level heat injures Qi and Fluid
  32. Action and Indication of Zhi Zi Chi Tang
    • Action: Clear and diffuses depressed heat
    • Indication: Stagnant heat in chest or diaphragm
  33. Which Formula goes to the Wei level?
    Yin Qiao San
  34. Which formula goes to the Qi Level
    Bai Hu Tang
  35. Which Formula goes to the Ying Level?
    Qing Ying Tang
  36. Which formula goes to the Blood LEvel?
    Xi Jiao Di HuangTang
  37. Chief herb in Zhi Zi Chi Tang
    • Shan Zhi Zi
    • Dan Dou Chi
  38. Diagnoses for Zhi Zi Chi Tang
    • Heat Effusion, anguish, vacuity vexation and insomnia, focal distention, fullness in chest and st, hunger but no desier to eat
    • Pulse: Rapid
    • Tongue: Red and slightly yellow coat
  39. Action and Indication for Qing Ying Tang
    • Action: Clear ying, resolve tox, out thrust heat and nourish yin.
    • Indication: Early stage Heat entering ying level.
  40. Action and Indication for Xi Jiao Di Huang Tang
    • Action: Clear blood heat, dissipates blood stasis
    • Indication: Heat entering the Blood level
  41. Chief Herbs in Ren Shen Bai Du San
    • Qiang Huo
    • Du Huo
  42. Diagnosis for Ren Shen Bai Du San
    • Vigorous chill and fever with no sweating.  Stiff Neck, HA, aching limbs, nasal congestion, cough with phlegm, focal distention
    • Tongue: pale with white greasy caot
    • Pules: Floating soggy
  43. Action and Indication for ren Shen Bai Du San
    • Action: Release the exterior, dispel wind, cold and damp, and augments the qi
    • Indication: WCD with interior Qi deficiency.
  44. Chief herbs for Da Qing Long Tang
    Ma Huang and Shi Gao
  45. Diagnosis for Da Qing Long Tang
    Exterior Cold /w internal heat
  46. Chief Herb for Jing Fan Bai Du San
    • Jing Jie
    • Fang Feng
  47. Action and Indication for Jing Fanf Bai Du San
    • Actions: Promotes Seating, release the exterior, dispel wind and stops pain
    • Indication: WCD, fever and chill with no sweating, bodyache.
  48. Action and Indication for Ma Huang Xi Xin Fu Zi Tang
    • Action: Assists the yang and release the exterior
    • Indication: Cold invasion with interior yang deficiency.
  49. Action and Indication for Jia Jian Wei Rui Tang
    • Action: Nourish yin, clear heat, induce sweating, release the exterior
    • Indication: WH with yin deficiency
  50. Action and Indication for Fang Feng Tong Shen San
    • Action: disperse wind, release exterior, drain heat, unblock bowls
    • Indication: Excess heat in the exterior and interior, fever, constipation, dark urine
  51. Action and Indication for Da Chai Hu Tang
    • Action: Release Shaoyang, drains internal clumping
    • Indication: Concurrent Shaoyang and yangming channel disorders
  52. Action and Indication for Ge Gen Huang Lian Huang Qin Tang
    • Action: Release the exterior and drain heat
    • Indication: Exterior pattern incompletely released with Fire Blazing in the interior.  Sweating.
  53. Actions and Indication for Shi Gao Tang
    • Action: Clears heat, resolve tox, release exterior
    • Indication: Cold damage with heat blazing in the interior.  No Sweating
  54. Chief herb in Xie Xin Tang
    Da Huang
  55. Action and Indication for Yin Qiao Ma Bo San
    • Action: Clear heat, relieve tox, drain heat from lung, benefit throat
    • Indication: Painful obstruction of throat due to damp heat collecting in the lungs. sore throat.
  56. Action and Indication fo rMa Xing Shi Gan Tang
    • Action: Vents lung qi, clear heat, descends qi, stop wheezing
    • Indication: Heat lodged in lung obstructing the flow of qi.  Fever, no sweat, nasal flaring and pain.
  57. Action and Indication of Yue Bi Tang
    • Action: Promotes sweating, disseminates lung qi, moves water
    • Indication: wind edema with aversion to wind, facial or general edema, fever, continuous sweating.
  58. Action and Indication for Xie Bai San
    • Action: clears and drain lung heat, relieves coughing and calms panting
    • Indication: Lung heat with panting and coughing, steaming hot / dry skin.  Latent (Deep-lying) fire in lung.
  59. Action and Indication of Dao Chi San
    • Action: Clear heat, promote urination, nourish yin
    • Indication: heat in the heart conducting down to UB via the SI.  Sores in the mouth, scanty dark urine, blood in urine.
  60. Action and Indication of Long Dan xie Gan Tang
    • Action: Drains LV and GB fire, clears and drains lower jiao damp heat.
    • Indication: Excess Heat and Dampness in the Liver and GB
  61. Herbs in Long Dan Xie Gan Tang
    • Long Dan cao
    • Huang Qin
    • Zhi Zi
    • Mu Tong
    • Che Qian Zi
    • Ze Xie
    • Chai Hu
    • Sheng Di
    • Dang Gui
    • Gan Cao
  62. Chief Herb in Qing Wen Bai Du Yin
    • Shi Gao
    • Zhi Mu
    • Dan Zhu Ye
    • Gan Cao
  63. Function of each Herb in Long Dan Xie Gan Tang
    • Long Dan Cao: Drains Lv / GB fire, drains lower jiao damp heat
    • Huang Qin + Zhi Zi: Clear tox, drain damp heat
    • Chai Hu: Course constrained heat, clear upper manifestation
    • Che Qian Zi + Ze Xie + Mu Tong: Conduct damp heat downward, clear heat via urination.
    • Sheng Di + Dang Gui: Nouish, regulate and protect blood.  Soften Liver
    • Gan Cao: Harmonize
  64. Action and Indication for Xie Huang San
    • Action: Celar lurking fire from SP and ST
    • Indication: Lurking fire in sp, mouth ulcers, bad breathe, frequent hunger
  65. Action and Indication for Qing Wei San
    • Action: Drain ST fire, coo the blood, nourish yin
    • Indicatoin: heat accumulation in st.  Toothache, bleeding gums
  66. Action and Indication for Yu Nu Jian
    • Action: Darin heat from St and nourish yin
    • Indication: KD yin xu with ST fire.  Bleeding gums.  Thirst with desire for cold beverages.
  67. Action and Indication for Shao Yao Tang
    • Action: Regulate and harmonize qi and blood, clear heat, dry damp, resolve tox
    • Indication: Dysenteric disorder due to damp heat lodged in the intestines, with qi and blood stagnation.
  68. Action and Indication for Bai Tou Weng Tang
    • Action: Cearls heat, resolve tox, cool bood, dysentery
    • Indication: hot dysentery due to more heat than damp in the ST/LI
  69. Ying VS Blood Level
    • Both Ying and Blood level disturbs the shen and causes delirious speech.  
    • On the ying level, delirious speech is only periodic.
    • In the Blood level, there is accompanying bleeding due to heat.
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