CLS vocab 4

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  1. 인간
    human being, humanity
  2. 문명 사회
    civilized society
  3. 원시 사회
    primitive society
  4. 유난히
    unusually, particularly, uncommonly
  5. 기록
  6. 연구
    study, research
  7. 풍부하다
    rich, abundant, plentiful
  8. 전통
    tradition, convention
  9. 이어 오다
    inherit, uphold, cherish
  10. 전통 음악
    traditional music
  11. 국악
    Korean traditional music
  12. 양향
    influence, effect
  13. 발달되다
    be developed
  14. 향악
    indigenous Korean music
  15. 향가
    old Korean folk song
  16. 민요
    folk song, ballad
  17. 가곡
    song in classical style
  18. 들다
    raise, hold up, mention
  19. 대중 가요 / 유행가
    popular song
  20. 위치
    situation, location, position, place
  21. 차지하다
    occupy, hold, take, have
  22. 선교사
  23. 찬송가
    hymn, psalm
  24. 이후
    after, henseforth, hereafter
  25. 온갖
    all kinds of, every kind of, various
  26. 계속
    continuation, continuously
  27. 일반
    general, common, popular
  28. 비공식
    informality, unofficial nature
  29. 합창
    choral singing, ensemble
  30. 바람직이다
    desirable, advisable
  31. 서슴 없이
    w/o hesitation, unreservedly
  32. 감정
    a feeling, emotion, sentiment
  33. 기분
    mood, frame of mind, feeling
  34. 정신
    mind, spirit, soul
  35. 활짝
    widely, extensively
  36. 건전하다
    healthy, sound
  37. 퍼지다
    spread out, widen, broaden
  38. 마음 껏
    to one's heart's content
  39. 풀다
    untie, loosen, solve, let out, dispel, remove
  40. 장소
    place, position, site
  41. 맺다
    form, tie, conclude
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