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  1. fall down
    fall to the ground = fall ...
  2. reach smth down
    reacth something that is above one's head
  3. slow down
    go / run / drive slower
  4. wrap up
    cover in paper, especially in order to use as a gift
  5. tie up
    put string or rope round something to fasten
  6. blow up
    fill with air (about baloons)
  7. pick smth up
    lift smth with your hands
  8. tear something up
    tear into little pieces = tear ...
  9. move up // move over
    move slightly to give space for someone else
  10. slow up
    make something or someone slower
  11. pop out
    leave the place to go somewhere for a short time
  12. reach out
    stretch your arm in order to get or touch something
  13. help on/off something
    help someone put off / take off a piece of clothing
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