Day 40

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  1. additive
    n. 1. substance added in small amounts to another                              첨가물, 첨가제
  2. antiseptic
    adj. clean, sterile, sanitary     청결한, 위생적인

  3. assemble
    v. gather, gather together, bring togther, collect                                          모으다
  4. asymmetric
    adj. unequal, lopsided, ill-proportioned  균형을 잃은, 비대칭의
  5. attire
    n. clothing                                의상, 복장
  6. avid
    adj. 1. eager, enthusiatic            열심인, 열렬한

    adj. 2. greedy, avaricious, covetous  탐욕스러운
  7. basic
    n. essential                                 기본
  8. bound
    n. limit, precinct, boundary, border       경계
  9. cluster
    v. group, gather assemble                 모이다
  10. complex
    n. 1. group of buildings          복합 건물군

    adj. 2. elaborate, involved, complicated  복잡한
  11. contrary
    adj. opposite, converse          반대의, 반대되는
  12. customary
    adj. typical, habitual, traditional, accustomed                   관례적인, 습관적인
  13. dangle
    v. hang                                       매달리다
  14. devour
    v. eat, gulp, guzzle           게걸스레 먹다

    The men were so hungry after work that they each devoured three heaping platefuls of food.
  15. encapsulate
    v. state briefly, condense, summarize  (격식)요약하다, 집약하다 

    The movie producer found it hard to encapsulate the life of the famous poet in a two-hour movie.
  16. faction
    n. side, coalition, group      파벌,파당

    The party is in danger of breaking into war or more factions.
  17. fragment
    n. piece, particle, part, portion     조각, 부분

    Detectives found a fragment of glass which would later help them solve the crime.
  18. ignite
    v. set on fire, kindle, inflame, fire    (격식)불을 붙이다, 점화하다

    Lightning strikes ignited the dry grasslands and caused a fire.
  19. impound
    v. contain, confine, hold                     가두다

    The car was impounded for being illegally parked.
  20. innocuous
    adj. harmless                         해가 없는

    The test proved the food a additive to be innocuous.
  21. link
    n. 1. bond, connection, tie            유대, 결합

    v. 2. connect, relate, associate       관련짓다
  22. murmur
    v. grumble, mumble, mutter       투덜거리다, 중얼거리다

    Kevin murmured a few words of discontent as his mother scolded him.
  23. persistant
    adj. continuous, constant, incessant, perpetual                                지속하는

    The persistent sound of crickets chirping kept Steve from getting a good night's sleep.
  24. prospect
    n. possibility, chance, outlook      가망성, 전망

    There are good prospects for growth in the retail sector.
  25. random
    adj. without planning, unpredictable 마구잡이
  26. realize
    v. be aware of, conceive, understand    알다, 이해하다
  27. reside in
    phr. live in, dwell                 거주하다
  28. robust
    adj. strong, vigorous, stalwart  튼튼한, 강한, 원기 왕성한

    Women generally prefer sweet delicate wines, while men like robust full-bodied wines.
  29. satisfy
    v. please, meet, gratify           만족시키다
  30. simple
    adj. unsophisticated, naive, unaffected 순진한
  31. stamina
    n. endurance, persverance, vitality   지구력, 체력
  32. staple
    n. 1. basic item, necessary commodity   중요 상품

    adj. 2. basic, principal            기본적인, 주요한
  33. terminate
    v. stop, finish, end                       끝나다
  34. treasure
    v. value, prize, cherish          소중히 하다
  35. unequal
    adj. unfair, asymmetric, uneven, unbalance  불공평한, 불균형
  36. venture
    v. dare, chance, risk                과감히~ 하다, 모험

    Lewis and Clark were the first team that ventured to explore the western frontier of North America.
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