GRE Words

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  1. Refulgent
    Shining radiantly/glowing
  2. Cower
    To cringe in fear, crouch down
  3. Tawdry
    Gaudry and cheap in nature or appearance
  4. Preeminent
    Superior or notable above all others
  5. Deride
    To mock or ridicule someone
  6. Certitude
    The state of being with complete assurance
  7. Pallid
    Abnormally deficient in color
  8. Panegyric
    A formal expression of praise
  9. Paragon
    An ideal instance, model of excellence or perfection of a kind
  10. Partisan
    Devoted to a cause or party

    A pike with double edged blade
  11. Patois
    A regional dialect of a languageĀ 

    Nonstandard language
  12. Paucity
    An insufficient quantity or number
  13. Pedantic
    Characterized by an excessive display of learning, emphasizing minor academic details
  14. Pellucid
    Transparently clear, easily understandable

    Transparent/ see through
  15. Penchant
    A strong liking
  16. Penury
    A state of extreme poverty or destitution
  17. Peregrination
    Traveling, especially on foot
  18. Peremptory
    Putting an end to all debate or action

  19. Perennial
    A plant lasting for three seasons or more
  20. Perifidious
    Tending to betray, disloyal
  21. Perfunctory
    As a formality only, hasty ad without attention to detail
  22. Perigee
    Nearest point to the earth in orbit of a body
  23. Apogee
    Point where satellite is a greatest distance from Earth
  24. Perturb
    Throw into great confusion or disorder

    Disturb in mind
  25. Pervasive
    Spreading throughout
  26. Petulant
    Easily irritated or annoyed
  27. Phlegmatic
    Slow moving, sluggish

  28. Piety
    Religious devotion
  29. Piquant
    Stimulating to the taste
  30. Pique
    A sudden outburst of anger, irritation
  31. Placate
    To soothe
  32. Placid
    Taking life easy

    Without disruption
  33. Plaintive
    Expressive of sorrow or woe

    Melancholy, sad
  34. Dynamo
    Generator for producing electricity
  35. Interpolate
    To insert between other parts
  36. Irenic
    Conducive to peace, promoting peace
  37. Bequethed
    Handed down
  38. Restive
    Impatient especially under restriction or delay
  39. Folly
    Foolish or senseless behavior
  40. Cumbersome
    Not elegant or graceful

    Difficult to handle because of size or weight
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