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  1. How must licenses lot block protocols be installed? (Choose two.)
    A.Licenses must be installed only on clusters that do not have any NAS protocols (such as NFS or CIFS) installed.
    B.Licenses must be installed only on clusters with the supported numb of nodes or fewer.
    C.Licenses must be installed for the entire cluster.
    D.Licenses must be installed on each node in the cluster that will serve data via a block protocol.
    C and D
  2. In clustered Data ONTAP 8.2, which two statements are true? (Choose two.)
    A.Volumes can be non-disruptively migrated within the same cluster.
    B.A volume cannot contain LUNs from two or more Vservers.
    C.Vservers can serve data using both NAS and SAN protocols in a Vserver.
    D.Vservers can’t be non-disruptively migrated within the same cluster.
    A and C
  3. Spaces has to be available in the Data Center for which storage elements or devices? (Choosethree)
    A.Disks drives and shelves
    B.User’s desktop systems
    C.Database client systems
    D.FC or Ethernet Switches
    E.Storage Controllers
    A, D and E
  4. The NetApp Host Utilities Kits provide which two functions? (Choose two)
    A.They provide the ability to take snapshots of local file systems.
    B.They provide properly set disk and HBA timeout values.
    C.They provide interfaces for other NetApp storage products.
    D.They allow the storage system to see host filesystem utilization.
    E.They provide SnapMirror/SnapVault integration.
    B and D
  5. You need to gather information from the host systems that will be attached to the NetApp storagesystems using either FC, FCoE or iSCSI. This information includes operating system version,patch levels, open bus slots, and cards in bus slots. What other information must you gather fromhost systems to connect to the NetApp storage via the protocols listed?
    A.Bus type (PCIe and/or PCI-x) and video adapters
    B.Memory in systems Ethernet ports (both used and free)
    C.Bus type (PCIe and/or PCI-x) and Ethernet ports (both used and free)
    D.Bus type (PCIe and/or PCI-x) and Serial Ports (both used and free)
  6. When creating a LUN, you use the LUN’s OS type to specify which two? (Choose two)
    A.The LUN’s MPIO policy
    B.Data offset for I/O alignment
    C.Whether the LUN is space reserved
    D.The LUN’s maximum size
    E.The LUN’s geometry
    F.Which protocols can be used to access the LUN
    D and E
  7. What is the name of the SAN replicated database ring in clustered Data ONTAP 8.2 and later?
    A.SAN Configuration and Operation Manager daemon (SCOMd)
    B.Block Configuration and Operation Manager daemon (BCOMd)
    C.FC Configuration and Operation Manager daemon (FCOMd)
    D.LUN Configuration and Operation Manager daemon (LCOMd)
    E.None of the above. The SAN protocol does not have a database replication ring.
  8. After proper cabling, enabling the FC ports on the initiator and target, and creating a LIF within aVserver, you still are not able to see the initiator using the Vserver fcp initiator show command.What is the likely cause?
    A.The initiator and target are not properly zoned on the Fibre Channel switch.
    B.The initiator is probably coming over an indirect path and this command does not display initiator over indirect paths.
    C.The initiator will not appear until a LUN is mapped to Igroup within the Vserver
    D.The Initiator will not appear until you create a LUN within the Vserver.
  9. To ensure correct version and patches for host capabilities such as multipathing and hostclustering on specific OSes such as Solaris with Veritas DMP, which tool or information sourceshould you consult?
    A.SAN Configuration Guide for Cluster Mode
    B.SAN Administration Guide for Cluster-Mode Interoperability Matrix Tool Product Documentation
  10. On a Cisco Nexus 5000 series switch, what must occur before the FCoE initiators and FCoEtargets can discover each other?
    A.Port logoff
    B.Nameserver erase
    C.Fabric logoff
    D.Proper zoning
  11. A NetApp storage system running clustered Data ONTAP is logged in to an FC switch. An initiatorlogged in to the same switch. FCP is licensed, and the TCP service is created and running. The
    fcp initiator show command returns an empty table. What is the likely cause?
    A.Target and initiator are NOT part of the same zone.
    B.Initiator does NOT belong to an Igroup.
    C.Igroup type does NOT match initiator OS type.
    D.No LUNs are provisioned.
  12. During a storage failover operation (SFO), a host accessing a LUN via the iSCSI protocol:
    A.Will begin sending traffic over indirect paths.
    B.Will begin sending traffic to a session already established to a logical interface on the HA partner.
    C.Will establish a new session to the surviving node’s partner interface and resume sending traffic.
    D.Will establish a new session to the down node’s HA partner and resume sending traffic
  13. A node’s FC port is performing a Fabric Login however, the N_Port ID is not being virtualized.What is a likely cause?
    A.NPIV was NOT enabled on the switch port.
    B.ALUA was NOT enabled on the switch port.
    C.ALUA was NOT enabled on the target port.
    D.NPIV was NOT enabled on the initiator port.
  14. Which is NOT a correct igroup configuration?
    A.Two different iQNs placed in different OS-type igroups and mapped to two different LUNs
    B.Two different IQNs placed in an igroup and mapped to a single LUN
    C.A single IQN placed in an igroup and mapped to a single LUN
    D.A single IQN placed in two different OS-type igroups and mapped to a single LUN
  15. For a Brocade Fibre Channel switch, which command can you use to check whether two deviceszoned properly and whether connectivity exists?
  16. An FC port on a NetApp storage system running clustered Data ONTAP is connected to an FCswitch. FCP is licensed on the cluster and the Vserver FCP service is created and running. Thestate of the FC LIF, which is bound to the port, is administratively up and operationally down. Whatis the likely cause?
    A.Improper FC zone configuration
    B.NPIV is not enabled on the switch
    C.Improper igroup configuration
    D.Bad cable
  17. Which protocol does the FC Frame encapsulate within FCoE?
    A.FCoE Frame
  18. By default, what is allocation that the NetApp Unified Target Adapter uses between FCoE andother Ethernet traffic?
    A.25% FCoE; 75% other
    B.75% FCoE; 25% other
    C.100% FCoE; 0% other
    D.50% FCoE; 50% other
  19. The NetApp storage solution diagram for installation should include which three pieces ofinformation (choose three.)
    A.Power Feeds to all components to PDU’s and UPS’s
    B.Floor tile grid for airflow for air conditioning
    C.Path for movement of equipment in Data Center
    D.Application storage usage by controller
    E.Connectivity to switches – both Ethernet and FCP
    F.Storage cabling, from the storage controllers to switches
    A, E and F
  20. When running clustered Data ONTAP, which topology allows for guaranteed maximum networkperformance for iSCSI?
    A.WAN network
    B.VLAN network
    C.MetroWAN network
    D.Isolated VSAN network
  21. A storage administrator tested a storage failover but when attempting a giveback, the dataaggregate was not returned to the original controller until after boot up of DATA ONTAP. However,the root aggregate was given back correctly prior to the boot up of the Data ONTAP. What is alikely cause?
    A.There is no problem. This is the default behaviour.
    B.The cables connect to the client network properly installed.
    C.The VTIC cables are NOT installed.
    D.The shelves cables are NOT properly installed.
  22. Where would you go to find out more information about how to configure a Brocade FC Switch?
    A.Fabric OS Administrator’s Guide
    B.NetApp StorageGRID Administration Guide
    C.Data ONTAP Administration Guide
    D.Data ONTAP iSCSI Administration Guide
  23. What is the name of the Brocade Fibre Channel switch OS?
    A.Fabric OS (FOS)
    B.Internetworks OS (IOS)
    C.Internet OS (I-OS)
    D.Network OS (NX-OS)
  24. Which three does clustered Data ONTAP support for iSCSI with Microsoft Windows 2012solutions? (Choose 3)
    A.Enhanced Transmission Services
    B.NIC teaming
    C.Jumbo frames
    C, D and E
  25. How many nodes are supported running san protocols in Clustered Data ONTAP 8.2?
  26. When applied to an igroup, what is the function of a portset?
    A.A portset allows a host to utilize all of its paths equally.
    B.A portset constrains the target ports where a LUN is visible to a host.
    C.A portset specifies which paths to a LUN are Direct and Indirect.
    D.A portset throttles the amount of traffic available to the hosts in that igroup
  27. Portsets limit host access to certain paths when they are bound to ____________.
    A.A LUN
    B.An igroup
    C.A logical interface (LIF)
    D.A physical port
  28. iSCSI and FC SAN deployments share requirements for these planning steps with one exception.Which task is NOT required for both types of deployments?
    A.Review implementation flowchart with customer – assign tasks
    B.Verify logistics plan for staging and installation of equipment
    C.Validate equipment move path to installation location (doorway clearances, floor loading inabilities, etc.)
    D.Finalize switch zone configurations
    E.Verify Ethernet cabling plan and availability of cable supports
  29. When running Data ONTAP in Cluster-Mode, which three statements are true about AsymmetricLogical Unit Access (ALUA)? (Choose three.)
    A.There is no configuration required on the storage system.
    B.It allows the initiator to query the target about path attributes, such as primary path and secondary path.
    C.It is a set of SCSI commands for discovering and managing multiple paths to LUNs on Fibre Channel SANs.
    D.It requires Array Support Library (ASL), a proprietary vendor library.
    E.It no longer requires proprietary SCSI commands.
    B, C and E
  30. For a Brocade Fibre Channel switch, which commands can you use to check the devices thathave logged in to the switch? (Choose two.)
    E and F
  31. How do you enable an FC port on a Cisco switch? shutdown
    B.port enable on
    C.enable port on shutdown
  32. What is the storage system command line interface command fcp adapter show used todetermine?
    A.if interlink Fibre Channel (FC) adapters are online iSCSI host bus adapters (NBAs) are online
    C.if target Fibre Channel (FC) adapters are online
    D.if initiator Fibre Channel (FC) adapters are online
  33. NetApp storage systems require which information to configure the storage system formanagement tools? (Choose two.)
    A.SnapMirror configuration information
    B.Configuration information for AutoSupport
    C.Volume options
    D.LUNs being used by clients
    E.IP addresses for e0M
    B and E
  34. With Brocade FC switches, which commands will show you that the current configuration issupporting NPIV for the ports that are using it? (Choose three.)
    A, D and E
  35. The storage administrator wants to ensure resilient non-interruptive access to a LUN in a clustereven if the volume containing the LUN is moved to any node within the cluster. What is theminimum recommended method to accomplish this requirement?
    A.Create a single fabric design with a single LIF on each node.
    B.Create a single fabric design with two LIFs on each node.
    C.Create a dual fabric design with a single LIF to one of the fabrics on each node.
    D.Create a dual fabric design with a single LIF to each of the fabrics on each node.
  36. Which two must you specify when creating a volume? (Choose two.)
    A.snapshot reserve
    B.containing aggregate
    C.volume space guarantee
    D.containing Vserver
    E.junction path
    A and C   B and D
  37. When Data ONTAP is running in Cluster-Mode, a portset contains an access list consistingof_________.
    A.physical nodes
    B.physical ports
    C.Logical interfaces (LIFs)
  38. What information do you NOT need to verify before ordering a NetApp storage solution?
    A.power sources and voltage available in Data Center
    B.A/C available in the Data Center
    C.raised floor in Data Center
    D.types of Ethernet switches for iSCSI traffic in Data Center
  39. What information is replicated across the SAN replicated database ring in Data ONTAP ClusterMode 8.1 and later?
    A.LUN data
    B.SCSI commands
    C.FC connection information
    D.Igroups, port sets, and LUN mappings
  40. During a storage failover operation, paths to the down node will show as:
    C.belonging to its HA partner
  41. Which command do you use to view the current running configuration on a Nexus switch? startup-config start-config running-config current-config config
  42. Which command do you use on a Brocade FC switch to view all defined zone configurationinformation?
    A.cfgActvShow zone
  43. What must you specify when you create a Vserver for block protocols?
    A.the Vserver’s Fibre Channel target WWPN or iSCSI target name
    B.the Vserver administrator’s login and password
    C.the Vserver’s home node
    D.the Vserver’s security style
  44. An organization currently has a NetApp Fibre Channel, FCP block based solution. With limitbudget and resources, they want to create a new disaster recovery site that utilizes a NetAppsolution. What would the optimal solution include?
    A.MetroCluster and NAS
    B.SnapMirror and iSCSI at the disaster recovery site for all hosts
    C.SnapMover and a single Fibre Channel HBA and switch at the disaster recovery site for all hosts
    D.single Fibre Channel HBA and switches at both locations using ftp to replicate storage
  45. Given the information shown in the diagram,Which port has a NetApp device attached to it?
    A.port 7
    B.port 6
    C.port 5
    D.port 3
  46. To implement Lossless Ethernet, which frame command do switch vendors execute to controlflow?
  47. In order to ensure a host can pick the Direct path to a LUN, where must a node’s ALUA option bechanged to TRUE?
    A.the ALUA option cannot be changed
    B.on the portset
    C.on the igroup
    D.on the LUN
  48. When a volume containing LUNs is moving from a source node to a destination node using the volcommand, which two statement are true? (Choose two.)
    A.As soon as the vol move is initiated, the host accessing LUN data is instructed to start sending data to the destination node.
    B.Path states do NOT change until all the data has been moved to the destination node.
    C.The source node will suspend I/O to the host accessing data in the moving volume if there is too much traffic.
    D.By default, the cut-over from the source to the destination node will be re-attempted several times.
    E.By default, the original data is kept as a backup on the source node for 24 hours.
    A and D
  49. What will configuring the FCP service for a Vserver do?
    A.It will disable any NAS protocols for that Vserver.
    B.It will create a target World Wide Node Name for the Vserver.
    C.It will log the storage controllers’ target adapters into the attached Fibre Channel fabric.
    D.It will allow igroups to be created on the Vserver.
  50. For what do you Use a Cisco Virtual SAN?
    A.Virtual SAN is a way to divide a fabric logically.
    B.Virtual SAN is a role-based access control mechanism
    C.Virtual SAN is a way to group physical switches.
    D.Cisco does not use a concept of a Virtual SAN.
  51. Which command do you use to verify the FC devices that have logged into a Cisco Nexus switch?
    A.flogi database show flogi database login database
    D.login database show
  52. The storage administrator has verified SAN fabric connectivity between the initiator and targetother LUNs are visible. However, one LUN still is NOT visible to the initiator. What do you need todo to determine the cause?
    A.verify the target HBA is enabled
    B.verify the LUN is properly mapped to a correct igroup
    C.verify the initiator HBA is enabled
    D.verify the LUN has been configured to the appropriate OS type
  53. A Windows 20O8 iSCSI initiator is NOT able to switch between different paths when a pathbecomes unavailable. What is a likely cause?
    A.An iSCSI path must have jumbo frames enabled to allow Multipathing.
    B.The iSCSI protocol does NOT allow switching between paths, although you can trunk oaths together.
    C.An iSCSI igroup does NOT have the initiator’s IQN.
    D.The Multipath I/O function is NOT installed.
  54. Which storage system command should you use to group initiators to allow them to be mapped tological unit numbers (LUNs)?
    A.igroup create
    B.igroup map
    C.igroup allow
    D.igroup group
  55. Which is NOT a reason to zone your fabric?
    A.increase network security
    B.reduce cross talk between ports
    C.limit the type of initiators used
    D.limit the available paths
  56. To ensure path redundancy and load balancing you must configure each host for________.
    A.SnapDrive for Unix
    B.thin provisioning
    C.consistent igroup usage multipathing specific to its OS type and version level
    E.jumbo frames
  57. Which is NOT a prerequisite for serving data using the iSCSI protocol in Data ONTAP running inCluster Mode?
    A.The Vserver must have an iSCSI service configured and running.
    B.The Vserver must have logical interfaces (LIFs) configured to serve data via the (SCSI protocol.
    C.The node containing the data to be served via ISCSI must have an MA partner with a partner Interface configured.
    D.The cluster must have an iSCSI license.
    B and D
  58. The cluster administrator determines the cluster management LIF is down. What is anothermethod to access the cluster?
    A.Login via one of the FC LIFs.
    B.Login via one of the data LIFs.
    C.Login via one of the intercluster LIFs.
    D.Login via one of the node management LIFs.
  59. What is the name of the SAN replicated database ring in Data ONTAP Cluster-Mode 8.1 andlater?
    A.None of the above. The SAN protocol does not have a database replication ring.
    B.LUN Configuration and Operation Manager daemon (LCOMd)
    C.Block Configuration and Operation Manager daemon (BCOMd)
    D.SAN Configuration and Operation Manager daemon (SCOMd)
    E.FC Configuration and Operation Manager daemon (FCOMd)
  60. When running Data ONTAP in Cluster-Mode, which topology allows for guaranteed maximumnetwork performance for iSCSI?
    A.Direct connect
    B.iSCSI access lists
  61. What are the steps required to set the Domain ID on a Brocade switch? Choose one:
    A.cfgswitch : switchenable
    B.switchshow : cfgshow : switchenable
    C.configure : reboot
    D.switchdisable : configure : switchenable
    E.configure : switchshow : reboot
    F.switchdisable : configure : reset
  62. In the cabinet diagram shown, what additional information should be included to make it more complete? controller rack placement port connectivity
    C.switch connectivity shelf connectivity
  63. When laying out LIFs in Vservers, which three devices WWPIMs should you identify? (Choosethree.) HBA’s for mapping to storage controllers
    B.FC switches for zoning controllers applications’ for accessing storage controllers and LUN’s controller’s software initiator controller’s NIC’s
    B, C and F
  64. Which two technologies are required for FCoE? (Choose two.)
    A.Lossless Ethernet
    A and D
  65. For controller-specific information on hardware deployment details such as rack power and cablemanagement, where can you find information?
    A.Library guides on
    B.Interoperability Matrix Tool Product Documentation
    D.NOW site Support Offerings Documentation
  66. How does a host determine the new state of an ALUA path?
    A.It sends a path status API call to the cluster management Interface
    B.It receives a LOGICAL UNIT NOT READY response from that path.
    C.It sends a SCSI INQUIRY command.
    D.It receives an indirect path notification from the attached FC or Ethernet switch.
  67. Which utility on Linux can be used to collect information about firmware and driver versions for aQlogic QLAxxx/QLExxxx HBA?
  68. When verifying a customer’s environment, which components should you document? CPU speed, memory, bus slots, FC switch ports used and unused bus slots, HBA’s, FC switch ports used and unused bus slots, HBA’s, memory, FC switch ports used and unused, USB connections CPU speed, HBA’s, memory, FC switch ports used and unused
  69. To provide a complete connectivity and cabling plan prior to FC SAN deployment, which statementtrue?
    A.VM administrators must be consulted to ensure optimum ESXi host loading
    B.Once LUN mapping planning is complete, the job is done.
    C.Final FC storage architecture is the sole requirement.
    D.Switch and controller management network connectivity must be verified.
  70. What two possible outcomes could occur when a logical interface (LIF) serving a SAN protocolfails?(Choose two.)
    A.The storage controller sends an ALUA path status update to the host.
    B.The host sends an ALUA path status update to the storage controller.
    C.The path shows as Non-Optimized.
    D.The host shifts traffic to any remaining direct paths.
    E.The host shifts traffic to indirect paths if there are no direct paths remaining.
    C and D
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