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  1. come!
  2. to go
    raH, biruH
  3. to bring
    jab, bijib
  4. to see, watch
    ˆsaf, biˆsuf
  5. to enter in, go in, come in
    fat, bifut
  6. to say
    'al, bi'ul
  7. to visit
    zar, bizur
  8. to be
    kan, bikun
  9. to die
    mat, bimut
  10. to move
    zaH, biziH
  11. to pass by
    mara', bimra'
  12. to leave
    tarak, bitrek
  13. to kill
    'atal, bi'tel
  14. to ask (a question)
    sa'al, bis'al
  15. to be quiet
    sakat, buskot
  16. to request, order, ask for
    Talab, buTlob
  17. to hit
    Darab, buDrob
  18. to enter
    daxal, bidxal
  19. to push, to pay
    dafac, bidfac
  20. to happen, to become, to begin (happening)
    Sar, biSir
  21. to send
    bacat, bibcat
  22. to open
    fataH, biftaH
  23. to prevent, forbid
    manac, bimnac
  24. to sow
    zarac, bizrac
  25. to tie, attach
    rabaT, burboT
  26. to wash, do laundry
    gasal, bigsel
  27. to allow, permit
    samaH, bismaH
  28. to bake
    xabaz, bixbez
  29. to harvest
    HaSad, buHSod
  30. to run away, escape
    harab, buhrob
  31. to hang out (laundry), to publish
    naˆsar, bunˆsor
  32. to knead
    cajan, bicjen
  33. to break
    kasar, bisker
  34. to paint
    dahan, bidhan
  35. to tear
    mazac, bimzac
  36. to push (physically)
    dafaˆs, bidfaˆs
  37. to lie (tell a lie)
    kazab, bikzeb
  38. to finish, to come to an end
    xalaS/xileS, buxloS/bixlaS
  39. to run
    rakaD, burkoD
  40. to collect
    jamac, bijmac
  41. to remove, to take off
    'am, bi'im
  42. to precede, to overtake
    saba', busbo'
  43. to sit down
    'acad, bu'cod
  44. to carry
    Hamal, biHmel
  45. to write
    katab, bikteb/buktob
  46. to understand
    fihem, bifham
  47. to take, grasp, hold
    misek, bimsek
  48. to go down
    nizel/nazal, binzel/binzal
  49. to hear
    simec, bismac
  50. to return
    rijec, birjac
  51. to get tired
    ticeb, bitcab
  52. to be able to
    'ider, bi'dar
  53. to remember
    fiTen, bifTan
  54. to laugh
    DiHek, biDHak
  55. to know
    ciref, bicref/bicraf
  56. to sleep, to go to bed
    nam, binam
  57. to fear, to be afraid of
    xaf, bixaf
  58. to be jealous of, to envy
    gar, bigar
  59. to ride, to travel (on), to get into (a car)
    rikeb, birkab
  60. to be angry, to regret, to be sorry, to be annoyed
    zicel, bizcal
  61. to go up, to go out
    Tilec, biTlac
  62. to lose
    xiser, bixsar
  63. to be wrong
    gileT, biglaT
  64. to do, make
    cimel, bicmel/bicmal
  65. to fail
    fiˆsel, bifˆsal
  66. to succeed
    nijeH/najaH, binjaH
  67. to play
    liceb, bilcab
  68. to go missing, get lost
    Dac, biDic
  69. to cut, to cross
    'aTac, bi'Tac
  70. to run over, run down
    dahas, bidhas
  71. to pull
    saHab, bisHab
  72. to imprison
    Habas, biHbes
  73. to invite
    cazam, biczem
  74. to examine
    faHaS, bifHaS
  75. to lift, raise, turn up, make louder
    rafac, birfac
  76. to drink
    ˆsireb, biˆsrab
  77. I found, discovered
  78. to eat
    'akal, bokol/bakol
  79. to take
    'axad, boxod
  80. to take offense
    'axad cala xaTro
  81. to offer condolences
    'axad ib-xaTro
  82. to be satisfied
    ˆsibec, biˆsbac
  83. to take a handful
    kamaˆs, bikmeˆs
  84. to thank
    ˆsakar, buˆskor
  85. to turn, direct (towards)
    dar, bidir
  86. to rely (on someone)
    rakan, birken
  87. to sell
    bac, bibic
  88. to complete
    kammal, bikammel
  89. to build
    cammar, bicammer
  90. to catch up with, to manage
    liHe', bilHa'
  91. to signal, sign
    'aˆsˆsar, bi'aˆsˆser
  92. to stop (to pull up to, to stand)
    wa''af, biwa''ef
  93. to stop (leave off from doing something)
    baTTal, bibaTTel
  94. to finish (something)
    xallaS, bixalleS
  95. to load
    Hammal, biHammel
  96. to close
    sakkar, bisakker
  97. to go home
    rawwaH, birawweH
  98. to be pleasing to
    cajab, bicjeb
  99. I wish
  100. to speak
    haki, bihki
  101. to translate
    tarjam, bitarjam
  102. to travel
    safar, bisafer
  103. to remember
    tzakkar, bitzakker
  104. to study
    daras, budros
  105. to wear
    libes, bilbas
  106. to try
    Hawal, biHawel
  107. to change
    tagyir, bitagyir
  108. to fly
    Tar, biTir
  109. to go
    sar, bisir
  110. to lower
    waTTa, biwaTTa
  111. to teach
    callam, bicallem
  112. to learn
    tcallam, bitcallam
  113. to explain
    ˆsaraH, biˆsraH
  114. to sing
    ganna, biganni
  115. to buy
    iˆstara, biˆstri
  116. to correct
    SaHHaH, biSaHHeH
  117. to prepare
    HaDDar, biHaDDer
  118. to get up, to stand up
    'am, bi'um
  119. to live
    caˆs, biciˆs
  120. to improve
    Hassan, biHassen
  121. to speak
    takallam, bitkallam
  122. to examine
    faHaS, bifHaS
  123. to grow up, get bigger
    kiber, bikbar

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