Foam Book 3

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  1. pg81

    Portable around the pump proportioners can turn any pumper into a foam truck.

    What are the solution flows they offer?
    50-4500gpm @ 1% ratio

    50-1500gpm @ 3% ratio

    750gpm @ 6% ratio
  2. pg82

    Installed in-line eductors are most commonly used to proportion what kind of foam concentrates?
    Class B Foam
  3. pg82

    What is the most common type of built in proportioner installed in mobile fire apparatus today?
    Around the pump proportioner
  4. pg83

    On an around the pump proportioner- when the valve is open what is the small amount of water directed through the bypass piping after being discharged from the pump?
  5. pg83

    Around the pump proportioners are available in what flow ranges?
    As little as 60gpm to as high as 2,000gpm
  6. pg83

    On an around the pump proportioner if inlet water supply is greater than _____, the foam concentrate will not enter the pump intake.  

    Versions are capable of handling intake pressure up to?
    Inlet water supply > 10psi

    versions are capable of handling intake pressures up to 40psi
  7. Pg5

    What is the normal oxygen content of air?


    21% air

    78% nitrogen

    Other trace elements 1%
  8. Pg9

    What is a BTU?
    The amount of heat needed to raise the temp of 1lb of water 1° F
  9. pg9

    What is a Calorie?
    The amount of heat needed to raise the time of 1gram of water 1°C
  10. pg9

    1 calorie = how many Joules?

    1BTU = how many Joules?

    1055J or 1.055J
  11. pg16

    What temp does a combustible liquid release flammable vapors?

    What about a flammable liquid?
    >100°F (combustible)

    <100°F (flammable)
  12. pg17

    At what oxygen concentration does the intensity of a fire begin to decrease?

    What concentration doesn't support combustion?
    <18% fire begins to decrease

    <15% O2 doesn't support combustion
  13. pg19

    At what temp does a Flashover occur?

    What is the Ignition temp of CO?
    900°-1,200°  for flashover

    CO ignition - 1,128°
  14. pg21

    Heat release is measured in what?
    • BTU per second
    •       or
    • Kilowatts
  15. pg26

    What is responsible for the spread of fire?
  16. pg91

    What types of foam concentrate are used with Air-aspirating foam nozzles?


    may also be used with Class A foams
  17. pg92

    What is the flow rate of a Manual Flow Monitor?
    200gpm - 2,000gpm
  18. pg92

    What is the flow rate of an Auto-Oscillating Foam Monitor?
    Flows up to 2,000gpm
  19. pg92

    What is the flow rate of a Remote Control Foam Monitor?
    Flows up to 3,000gpm
  20. pg95

    Most structural and wildland fire attacks using CAFS are done with an airflow rate of?
    .5 to 1cfm
  21. pg95

    In a CAFS very dry finished foam at flows up to 100gpm is accomplished with  how much air flow?
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