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  1. Describe the function of the medulla.
    • controls autonomic functions (beathing, heart rate, organs)
    • relays nerve signals between the brain and the spinal cord
  2. Describe the function of the pons.
    • arousal
    • hearing
    • balance
    • helps sensory and motor [information relay between the cerebrum and the cerebellum]
    • sleep
  3. Describe the function of the cerebellum.
    • translates plans into specific instructions
    • timing
    • rapid eye movement
    • motor coordination
    • motor learning
  4. Describe the functions of the midbrain.
    • controls responses to sight
    • eye movement
    • pupil dilation
    • body movement
    • hearing
  5. Describe the structure of the forebrain.
    • connects the limbic system (essential animal behaviors) to other parts of the brain
    • secretes melatonin by the pineal gland
    • hunger and thirst
  6. Describe the thalamus and its functions.
    • motor control
    • hearing
    • seeing
    • touching
    • then it sends the info to the cerebral cortex
  7. Describe the hypothalamus and its functions.
    • emotions
    • endocrine functions
    • homeostasis
    • motor functions
    • regulates food and water intake
    • regulates sleep/wake cycle
    • CONTROLS! autonomic functions
  8. Describe the structure and functions of the four lobes that make up the cerebral cortex.
    • frontal: emotion & personality
    • temporal: hearing & comprehension
    • parietal: sensation, perception, spatial, world normalcy¬†
    • occipital: vision
  9. Describe the structure and functions of the limbic system.
    • emotion
    • motivation
    • learning
    • memory

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