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  1. A LIF must be created for every occurrence of a __to follow NetApp’s best practices.
    A.Ethernet port on a controller
    F.FC port on a controller
  2. When adding expansion FC adapter cards to NetApp controllers running ONTAP 8.1 Cluster Mode
    or above, which resource should be consulted for optimum placement of the new cards in thecontroller slots?
    A.Hardware Universe Tool accessed from
    B.Data ONTAP product documentation release notes on the NOW site
    C.Interoperability Matrix Tool
    D.Data ONTAP SAN Administration Guide for Cluster-Mode
    D      A
  3. A solution is setup with a Volume Guarantee = volume, LUN reservation = off, Fractional Reserve= 0%, Snap Reserve = 0%, auto_delete = volume, auto_grow = on, try_first = autosize. Which ofthese choices best describes the use of these settings for our Space Policy?
    A.when you want to set aside overwrite reserve space for the LUNs so that writes never fail with the presence of Snapshots
    B.when you want to use thinly provisioned LUNs to overcommit the volume and increase storage efficiency
    C.when you want Data ONTAP to start deleting Snapshots to recover space from the volume before growing the volume
    D.when you want to guarantee space for Snapshots by letting the volume autogrow
  4. Which type of VLAN protects against media access control (MAC) spoofing?
  5. When adding nodes to a cluster in Data ONTAP 8.1.1 Cluster Mode, you must observe which twolimitations? (Choose two.)
    A.All nodes in a cluster must have the same number of Fibre Channel target ports.
    B.All nodes in a cluster must have the same amount of storage capacity.
    C.All nodes in a cluster must have redundant connections to the cluster network
    D.All nodes in a cluster must be of the same storage controller model.
    E.Nodes may only be added in HA pairs.
    C and D    C and E
  6. In Data ONTAP 8.1.1, before a LUN can be created a________ must already be present. (Choosethree.)
    C.traditional volume
    D.flexible volume
    B, D and E
  7. A storage administrator notices the FCoE traffic is only given 30% of the bandwidth allocationwhen a 10-GbE FCoE path becomes fully saturated. How can a storage administrator check thebandwidth allocation for a particular FCoE port in Data ONTAP Cluster Mode?
    A.There is no problem. This is the normal allocation and it cannot be changed.
    B.The problem cannot be detected on the storage. Check the switch.
    C.Use the dcb show command at the nodeshell
    D.Use the dcb show command at the clustershell.
  8. What happens when a node loses SAN protocol quorum? (Choose two.)
    A.The node’s HA partner initiates a takeover of the out of quorum node.
    B.The node continues serving data via SAN protocols, but only over direct paths.
    C.The node stops serving data via SAN protocols completely until it is rebooted.
    D.The node stops serving data via SAN protocols until the node quorum reinitialize command is executed.
    B and D
  9. SAN LIFs provide which two functions for the vservers? (Choose two)
    A.SAN traffic can utilize the management LIF’s on the controllers
    B.One LIF can be used for both iSCSI and FC traffic
    C.Migrate when required for redundancy
    D.Provide connectivity to the host system for MPIO with ALUA path selection
    E.iSCSI and FC LIFs can utilize the same ports on a controller’s UTA
    A and E
  10. A customer wants to move from a file based storage solution (NAS) to a block based solutioniSCSl (SAN). Which components do they need in order to implement a NetApp SAN basedsolution for ISCSI? (Choose three.)
    A.FCP software license on NetApp storage controllers
    B.Ethernet Switches
    C.FC Switches
    D.ISCSI software license on NetApp storage controllers
    E.FCoE HBA’s
    F.FC HBA’s
    G.NIC’s on both Host and NetApp storage controllers
    B, D and G
  11. During a cluster failover operation (CFO), paths on the surviving node of the HA pair will show as:
    A.Non Optimized
  12. Data ONTAP supports which FCoE topology?
  13. The Space Guarantee option needs to be set__________ to ensure a volume cannot be affectedby other volumes storage usage.
  14. Which command allows you to display the current zoning information for a Brocade switch?
    B.defzone –show
  15. When you create a LIF you associate it with which two components? (Choose two.)
    A.a vserver aggregate
    C.a LUN
    D.a volume
    E.a controller’s Ethernet or FC port
    A and D
  16. Which statement is true about converting an aggregate from 32-bit to 64-bit?
    A.It is supported when adding disks.
    B.It is supported without adding disks.
    C.It is supported in maintenance mode.
    D.It is not supported. You must use VSM to migrate 32-bit to 64-bit.
  17. What is the maximum number of nodes a NAS cluster can have?
  18. What three statements are true about LIF failover? (Choose three.)
    A.A data Ethernet LIF fails over when the cluster is in quorum.
    B.A cluster management Ethernet LIF fails over when a port is down.
    C.A cluster management Ethernet LIF will never automatically revert back to its home port.
    D.A data Ethernet LIF will not revert back by default to its home port.
    E.A node management Ethernet LIF fails over when a port is down.
    F.A node management Ethernet LIF will never automatically revert back to its home port.
    A, B and D
  19. An administrator for a virtual server named abc17 mounts a new volume named vola at junctionnamed /accounting/teama and creates two directories at the root of the new volume named 2011and 2011/june. He also copies a file called report.doc into the directory named june. An NFS clientmounts to the root of the namespace. What is the fully qualified path to report.doc?
  20. Volumes can be moved from 32-bit aggregates to which two types of aggregates? (Choose two.)
    A.32-bit aggregates
    B.64-bit aggregates
    C.flex aggregates
    D.traditional aggregates
    A and B
  21. Which four steps must an administrator take before establishing a CIFS share? (Choose four.)
    A.create a volume
    B.configure a share policy with the desired values
    C.configure an export policy
    D.configure name mapping
    E.enable Active Directory routing
    F.mount a volume within the Vserver namespace
    G.set a default share policy
    A, C, D and F
  22. A FAS6280 running ONTAP 8.0.2P1 has a 32-bit root aggregate. After upgrading to Data ONTAP8.1, what is the status of the root aggregate?
    A.The root aggregate remains 32-bit.
    B.The root aggregate converts from 32 to 64-bit in place.
    C.The root aggregate auto-migrates to a new 64-bit aggregate.
    D.The upgrade fails with a message to create a new 64-bit aggregate before upgrade.
  23. How many cluster switch(es) are required for a NetApp cluster?
  24. A volume named volume217 resides on an aggregate named node7_aggr12 and is mounted inthe namespace at junction /source/april/test217. A file named revert.cpp is at the root ofvolume217. A volume move operation relocates volume217 to node3_aggr3. What is the fullyqualified path to revert.cpp after the move is complete?
  25. What communication link is necessary in order to establish cluster peer relations between twoclusters?
    A.The cluster interface on each node must be able to communicate with the intracluster interface on each node in the peer cluster.
    B.The cluster interface on each node must be able to communicate with the node-mgmt interface on each node in the peer cluster.
    C.The intracluster interface on each node must be able to communicate with the intracluster interface on each node in the peer cluster.
    D.The intercluster interface on each node must be able to communicate with the intercluster interface on each node in the peer cluster.
  26. What must be configured to support cross-cluster SnapMirror relationships?
    A.cluster peer relationship
    B.intracluster port
    C.junction path
    D.minimum transfer size
  27. What are two defaults for a new Data ONTAP 8.1 system root aggregate? (Choose two.)
    C.0% aggr reserve
    D.5% aggr reserve
    B and C
  28. In a 2-node cluster with cluster HA enabled, which node has Epsilon by default?
    A.the first node to join the cluster
    B.the node that’s been running for the longest amount of time
    C.the node serving as mgwd ring master
    D.the node with the lower system ID
    E.neither node
  29. Which statement is true about NFS exports in Cluster-Mode?
    A.Export policies are created and modified by editing /etc/exports.
    B.Exports can be either persistent or temporary.
    C.Export policies and rules are stored in the RDB.
    D.Both A and B
    E.Both B and C
  30. Which feature makes it possible for a storage administrator to add more than two storage systemsto a cluster?
    A.Scale horizontal
    B.Scale out
    C.Scale up
    D.Scale vertical
  31. When using Data ONTAP 8.1 Cluster-Mode and later, what is the default for new aggregates?
    A.32-bit aggregates
    B.64-bit aggregates
    C.128-bit aggregates
    D.cluster aggregates
    E.traditional aggregates
    F.Vserver aggregates
  32. What is the maximum number of nodes in a cluster that the Cisco Nexus 5010 supports?
  33. Which four features does Cluster-Mode support? (Choose four.) protection mirrors
    B.load-sharing mirrors
    C.NDMP tape backup
    D.non-disruptive upgrades
    E.synchronous SnapMirror
    A to D
  34. What are two ways a storage administrator can improve the operational availability of NASapplication data? (Choose two.) backing up data to a USB disk configuring ALUA on the host providing multiple data logical interfaces utilizing the volume move feature
    C and D
  35. Which two Data ONTAP Cluster-Mode clone technology can clone an individual LUN inside avolume without cloning the entire volume?
    B.LUN Clone
    C.Snap Clone
    D.Vol Clone
    E.Aggr Clone
    A and B
  36. What should an administrator do first before shutting down two nodes of a 4-node cluster?
    A.migrate node-management LIFs to a node that is staying up
    B.move Vserver root volumes to a node that is staying up
    C.reassign the master of all RDB rings to a node that is staying up
    D.set both nodes that are coming down to “ineligible”
  37. Which command configures the Remote Support Agent (RSA)?
    A.rsa init
    B.system services web
    C.system services rsa
    D.vserver services rsa
  38. Using the following path: /users/sales/a1/smith, which are the two possible path types for 1?(Choose two.)Using the following path: /users/sales/a1/smith, which are the two possible pathtypes for ?1? (Choose two.)
    A.a directory
    B.a file
    C.a LUN
    D.a qtree
    A and D
  39. NFSv4.1 pNFS reduces traffic over which network?
    A.cluster network network
    C.InfiniBand network network
  40. Which statement is true about a SnapMirror destination Vserver?
    A.It must have a read-only Vserver root volume.
    B.It must be in the same cluster as the source Vserver.
    C.It must be created with the same language type as the source Vserver.
    D.It must have a different storage efficiency policy than the source Vserver.
  41. Which is a supported management switch?
    A.Brocade 8000
    B.Brocade FLS624
    C.Cisco Nexus 5010
    D.Cisco Nexus 7000
    E.Cisco Catalyst 2960
    F.Cisco Nexus 5020
  42. One node of a 2-node cluster is shut down to replace a NIC. All RDB rings fall out of quorum. Todiagnose the problem, what should the administrator do first?
    A.disconnect and reconnect the InfiniBand cable
    B.issue storage failover show from the clustershell
    C.issue cluster ha show from the clustershell
    D.verify that the cluster switch is functioning properly
  43. Which type of LIF allows replication between two clusters?
  44. Which three storage features can be scaled by storage administrators? (Choose three.)
    A.capacity scaling, by allowing more than two storage systems to be combined with larger disk shelves scaling, by allowing the cluster to share the same power source
    C.heterogeneous scaling, by allowing E-Series and FAS-Series systems within a single cluster scaling, by providing three or more network switches for the cluster network
    E.operational scaling, by allowing the entire cluster to be administrated through a single resilient interface
    F.performance scaling, by using Flash Cache, SSDs, and Quality of Service
    A, E and F
  45. What are four storage efficiency features Data ONTAP 8.1 Cluster-Mode provides? (Choose four.)
    E.thin provisioning
    F.transparent files
    A, B, C and E
  46. Which two switches are supported cluster switches? (Choose two.)
    A.Brocade 8000
    B.Brocade FLS624
    C.Cisco Nexus 5010
    D.Cisco Nexus 5020
    E.Cisco Catalyst 2960
    C and D
  47. What must be defined in order to create an NFS export within Cluster-Mode? entry in the /etc/exports file export policy and rules under a Vserver export policy and rules under the FreeBSD shell export policy and rules under the node shell
    E.export rules that are associated with a LIF
  48. Which statement is true about establishing a SnapMirror relationship?
    A.It sets up the relationship on the source node only.
    B.It sets up the relationship and starts the initial data transfer.
    C.It sets up the relationship and creates the destination volume.
    D.It sets up the relationship, but does not start the initial transfer.
  49. What is the GUI-based interface that manages a cluster?
    A.Cluster Bench
    B.Device Manager
    D.Node Studio
    E.System Manager
  50. What are four characteristics of a NAS LIF? (Choose four.)
    A.It has a logical interface connection.
    B.It can be associated with a Fibre Channel port.
    C.It can be associated with a WWPN.
    D.It can be associated with an Ethernet port.
    E.It can be associated with an interface group (ifgrp).
    F.It can be associated with an IP address.
    A, D, E and F
  51. Which resource is associated with all logical interfaces?
  52. NetApp Remote Support Agent (RSA) is supported on which two FAS module types? (Choosetwo.)
    C and E
  53. Which two Data ONTAP Cluster-Mode clone technologies will lock a Snapshot copy? (Choosetwo.)
    B.LUN Clone
    C.Snap Clone
    D.Vol Clone
    E.Aggr Clone
    A and B
  54. What is the maximum number of nodes a SAN cluster in DOT 8.1 can have?
  55. Which four statements are true about a node’s vol0 volume? (Choose four.)
    A.It cannot be moved with the volume move command.
    B.It contains RDB databases and log files.
    C.It is the most efficient place to store critical user data.
    D.It is not part of the namespace.
    E.One exists on every node in the cluster.
    A, B, D and E
  56. Where can NDMP backups be performed?
    A.within the Vserver context
    B.on the OnCommand server
    C.from any node in the cluster
    D.from the node that owns the volume
  57. Which two LIFs are able to failover or migrate to other nodes in the cluster? (Choose two.)
    A.cluster LIF LIF of protocol CIFS LIF of protocol FCoE LIF of protocol iSCSI LIF of protocol NFS
    F.intercluster LIF
    G.node management LIF
    B and E
  58. Which parameter must the cluster administrator properly define when configuring an iSCSI logicalinterface in Data ONTAP 8.1 Cluster-Mode and later?
    E.No parameter needs to be defined as no additional parameter is required.
  59. What kind of structure can be deduplicated?
    A.A disk
    B.An aggregate
    C.A FlexVol
    D.A qtree
  60. Which three NFS versions does Data ONTAP 8.1 Cluster-Mode support? (Choose three.)
    D, E and F
  61. With Data ONTAP 8.1, which statement is true about deduplication and volume sizes?
    A.Deduplication is limited to 16TB.
    B.Deduplication is limited to 32TB.
    C.Deduplication is supported up to half the maximum volume size for the platform.
    D.Deduplication is supported up to the maximum volume size for the platform.
  62. The VLDB is out-of-quorum on the node serving as the master of the VLDB ring. Which fourstatements are true? (Choose four.)
    A.A new VLDB ring master is elected.
    B.Clients can write to volumes on that node.
    C.Volumes cannot be moved to or from that node.
    D.Clients can read from volumes hosted on that node.
    E.New volumes can be created on aggregates hosted on that node.
    A to D
  63. Which two SMB versions does Data ONTAP Cluster-Mode support? (Choose two.)
    A.SMB 1.0
    B.SMB 2.0
    C.SMB 3.0
    D.SMB 4.0
    A and B
  64. Which two statements are true in a SnapMirror LS mirror relationship? (Choose two.)
    A.Client requests to write data are allowed if the user is root.
    B.Client requests to write data are denied unless accessing the admin share.
    C.Client requests to read data are only allowed if the mirror is up-to-date.
    D.Client requests to read data are redirected to the LS mirror destination volumes.
    B and D
  65. Which storage system combination is supported in Cluster-Mode?
    A.a pair of FAS3270s and a pair of FAS3020s
    B.a pair of FAS3270s with a FAS3240 and a FAS6240
    C.a pair of FAS6280s and a pair of E7900s
    D.a pair of FAS6280s and a pair of FAS3240s
  66. Which two methods expose volumes to NAS clients? (Choose two.)
    A.mount directories of a volume in a namespace
    B.mount the required namespaces in a volume
    C.mount the required namespaces in an aggregate
    D.mount the required volumes in a namespace
    A and D
  67. Which five protocols are supported by Data ONTAP 8.1 Cluster-Mode? (Choose five.)
    A, B, D, F and G
  68. What does Storage Failover allow?
    A.disks to fail over between HA partners
    B.disks to fail over to a plex
    C.disks to fail over to any node in a cluster
    D.disks to fail over to the Epsilon node
  69. Which command can be used to identify the target iqn name in Data ONTAP 8.1 Cluster-Modeand later?
    A.cluster iscsi name
    B.cluster iscsi nodename
    C.cluster iscsi show
    D.vserver iscsi nodename
    E.vserver iscsi name
    F.vserver iscsi show
  70. To operate Data ONTAP 8.1 Cluster-Mode SAN, what must be configured on both the initiator andtarget?
    A.Logical Unit Access Initialization
    B.Physical Unit Access Initialization
    C.Symmetric Logical Unit Access
    D.Asymmetric Logical Unit Access
    E.SAN Access Initialization Protocol
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