Radiology 1

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  1. Which of the following is an absolute contraindication of IVP? [AI 92,96]
    A) renal tumor
    B) multiple myeloma
    C) Allergy to drug
    D) blood urea > 200mg
    C) Allergy to drug

    IVP relies on the glomerular filtration of sodium diatrizoate (Urografin or Niopam 370) which is allergenic. In the presence of history of allergy to the drug, the procedure is contraindicated.
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  2. Excretory urography should be cautiously performed in [AI 91]
    A) Leukemia
    B) Neuroblastoma
    C) Bone secondaries
    D) Multiple myeloma
    D) Multiple myeloma

    IVP is contraindicated in patient with multiple myeloma as ARF may be precipitated.
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  3. The amount of I131 used for thyroid scan is:
    A. 500 milicuries
    B. 50 microcuries
    C. 5 microcuries
    D. 50 milicuries
    C. 5 microcuries
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  4. Renal GFR can be estimated by: [AI 95, UP 95]
    Tc99m DTPA (Diethyl Triamene Penta Acetic acid)

    - freely filtered, neither secreted nor reabsorbed
  5. Chemotherapeutic agent of choice in Ca pancreas:
    a. Streptomycin
    b. Adriamycin
    c. 5-FU
    d. Mitomycin C
    • c. 5-FU
    • it acts as radio sensitizing agent
  6. X-ray view for supraorbital fissure is:
    Caldwell view
  7. Stryker view is used in shoulder joint to visualize:
    Recurrent subluxation
  8. The number of carpal bones seen in a radiograph of an infant is:
    A. 3
    B. 0
    C. 2
    D. 4
    B. 0

    - In newborns, carpals bones normally not ossified, so radiographic evaluation of feet more helpful
    - After neonatal period, hands may be most helpful in determining bone age
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  9. "Erlenmeyer flask" appearance is seen in
    A. Sickle cell anemia
    B. Gaucher's disease
    C. Thrombocytopenia
    D. Chronic anemias
    B. Gaucher's disease

    also seen in ???
    - Craniometaphyseal dysplasias
    - Haemoglobinopathies
    sickle cell disease
    - Osteopetrosis
    - Niemann-Pick disease
    - Gaucher disease

    Image Upload
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  10. Beheaded Scottish terrier sign is seen in:
    A. Spondylolisthesis
    B. Spondylosis
    C. Fracture rib
    D. Fracture scaphoid
    A. Spondylolisthesis

    It is seen in oblique view [JIPMER 90]

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  11. Water lily sign is found in:
    A. Hydatid cyst of lung
    B. Hydatid cyst of liver
    C. Fungal granuloma
    D. Actinomycosis
    A. Hydatid cyst of lung

    - also k/a Lily-pad sign, sign of the Camalote
    Image Upload
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  12. True regarding hydatid cyst of the lung in a chest X-ray:
    A. Shows speckled calcification
    B. Is seen on a calcified ring shadow
    C. Both calcified ring shadow and speckled calcification
    D. Calcification is rare
    D. Calcification is rare

    Hydatid cyst - smooth, spherical and homogenous density in X-ray chest
    - Seldom any significant reaction in the surrounding lung, so calcification is rare
    - Rupture and infection may occur
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  13. "Champagne glass" pelvis is seen in

    • Image Upload
  14. What are the applications of CT scan and MRI?
    • CT scan -
    • - Bone injuries
    • - Intracranial hemorrhages (non contrast)
    • - Lung and Chest imaging - Bronchiectasis, Pulmonary embolism
    • - Cancer detection
    • - Retinoblastoma
    • - Appenidicitis
    • -

    • CT with contrast
    • - Small intestinal tumors
    • - Pancreatic diseases
    • - Juvenile Angiofibroma
    • - Splenic rupture
    • -

    • MRI -
    • - Soft tissue evaluation, e.g., ligament and tendon injury, avascular necrosis, Perthes disease,
    • - Spinal cord injury or tumors
    • - Brain tumors - Multiple sclerosis, tuberculoma,
    • - Herpes simplex encephalopathy
    • - Aortic dissection
    • -

    • MRI with contrast
    • - Acoustic neuroma (Gadolinium)
    • -
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