The Boom (Russel Gold, 2014)

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  1. Glimmer

    "Glimmer of excitement."
    (Of light) to shine without strenght or not continously: "A candle glimmered faintly in the darkened room."

    Norsk: blinke, flakke, glimte, skimre, skinne svakt
  2. Instilled

    "George instilled the belief."
    To put a feeling, idea or principle into someone's mind, so that is has a strong influence on the way someone lives. "My parents instilled in me a love of reading."

    Norsk: inngyte, innpode
  3. Circuitry

    "The heat inside the well fried the circuitry."
    A closed system esp. of wires through which electricity can flow. "Big electronic circuts can carry huge amounts of data."

    Norsk: koblingsteknikk, kretskobling, kretssystem, kretsteknikk
  4. Reel

    "The industry was reeling from oil prices that were less than $20 a barrel."
    If you reel, or your mind or body reels, you feel very confused or shocked. "Our team is reeling from five straight losses."
  5. Trickle

    "The water slowed to almost a trickle as it pumped into nearby tanks."
    • (Of liquid) to flow slowly and without force.
    • "The blood trickled from a cut on his forehead."

    Norsk: Piple
  6. Traverse

    "Traversing through the shale formation for up to two miles."
    To move or to travel through an area. "Moving sidewalks traverse the airport."
  7. Percolate

    "A quiet excitement was percolating in the office."
    (Of a liquid) to move through a substance bu going through very small spaces within it. "Underground water had percolated through the soil to form puddles."

    Norsk: Filtrere, sive
  8. Clunker

    "Driving an old clunker."
    An ugly piece of shit car that you should be embarressed to drive. (

    Norsk: Vrak, skrap
  9. Tally

    "Keep a running tally."
    To record or count of a number of items.

    "The final tally was 21 for and 16 against."
  10. Inquisitive

    "He was a talented and inquisitive engineer."
    (Of a person, or a person's behavior) eager to know a lot about people or things. "He has an inquisitive mind." "Out neighbors are too inquisitive."

    Norsk: Nysgjerrig, vitebegjærig
  11. Markup

    "The service companies charged a 1,000 percent markup on gels."
    An increase in price, esp. the amount of which the cost of an item for sale is increased to provide a profit to the person selling it.

    "The markup on books has to be atleast 30%."

    Norsk (mark): gange
  12. Convey

    "Convey sand all the way to the fractures".
    To express feelings thoughts of information to other people. "He always conveyed a genuine interest in his students".

    Norsk: Formidle, føre, meddele, underrette
  13. Brisket

    "Beer and brisket."
    The meat from the chest of the cow.
  14. Peer

    "Animal heads peered down on diners".
    To look carefully or with difficulty. "The judge peered over his glasses at the jury".

    Norsk: Granske, stirre
  15. Symposium

    "Gathered at regular symposia hosted by proffessional organizations".
    A formal occasion when specialists in a particular meet to discuss a subject of interest to them. "A symposium on sth. Experts gathered for an international symposium on internet addiction."

    Norsk: symposium
  16. Allusion

    "It was a cheeky allusion".
    A brief or indirect reference:"He made som allusion the the years they lived apart."

    Norsk: Hentydning
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