English Vocab #3

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  1. apex
    n. the tip of anything; the vertex of a triangle or cone
  2. appease
    v. to bring to peace, quiet, or settle; to assuage, soothe, allay, or relieve
  3. armament
    n. a force military or naval, equipped for war
  4. ascribe
    v. to write into or add writing
  5. asinine
    adj. have qualities by which the ass is characterized as obstinate, stupid or dolsih
  6. assail
    v. to leap upon especially with hostile intent; to make a hostile attack physical or mental; to approach with the intention of mastering it
  7. attrition
    n. the action or process of rubbing on ting against another; the action or process of rubbing away, wearing or grinding down, by friction
  8. atone
    n. the act of reparation where one makes amends for the wrongs they have done v. to unite in harmony; to make amends for a fault or loss
  9. augment
    v. to make greater in size, number, or amount
  10. baleful
    adj. full of deadly destructive, injurious, mischievous, or malignant influence

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English Vocab #3
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English Vocab

English Vocab #3
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