Skin and Accessory Organs (All)

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  1. sub-
    under, below
  2. hypo-
    under, below
  3. log/o
    study of
  4. Skin contains how many layers?
    • 2
    • epidermis, dermis
  5. epidermis
    • protective covering of the body (outer layer)
    • does not have blood or nerve supply (depends on dermis for nutrients)
  6. dermis
    deeper layer containing nerves and blood vessels
  7. most important layers of epidermis
    stratum corneum, basal layer
  8. stratum corneum
    composed of dead, flat cells
  9. basal layer
    • only layer containing living cells
    • where new cells are continuously being produced
  10. dermatitis
    inflammation of the skin
  11. hypodermic needle
    inserted under the skin
  12. subcutaneous
    pertaining to under the skin
  13. melanocytes
    specialized cells in basal layer that produce a black pigment (melanin)
  14. albinism
    absence of pigment in the skin, eyes and hair due to the inability to produce melanin
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