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  1. desiccate: a tour of this smokehouse will give you an idea of how the pioneers used to desiccate food in order to preserve it
    dry up
  2. despondent: to the dismay of his parents, he became seriously despondent after he broke up with Jane
    depressed; gloomy
  3. detached: a psychoanalyst must maintain a detached point of view and stay uninvolved with his patients' personal lives
    emotionally removed; calm and objective; physically unconnected
  4. deterrent: does the threat of capital punishment serve as a deterrent to potential killers?
    something that discourages; hindrance
  5. detrimental: the candidate's acceptance of major financial contributions from a well-known racist ultimately proved detrimental to his campaign.
    harmful; damaging
  6. devious: the Joker's plan was do devious that it was only with great difficulty we could folloe its shifts and dodges
    roundabout; erratic; not straightforward
  7. devise: how clever he must be to have devised such a devious plan!
    think up; invent; plan
  8. diffidence: you must overcome your diffidence if you intend to become a salesperson
  9. diffuse: if you pay authors by the word, you tempt them to produce diffuse manuscripts rather than brief ones
    wordy; rambling; spread out
  10. digression: nobody minded when his lectures wandered away from their official theme; his digressions were always more fascinating than the topic of the day
    wandering away from the subject
  11. dilatory: if you are dilatory in paying bills, your credit rating may suffer
  12. diminution: he was as sharp at eighty as he had been at fifty; increasing age led to no diminution of hid mental acuity
    lessening; reduction in size
  13. discerning: though no genius, the star was sufficiently discerning to tell her true friends from the countless phonies who flattered her.
    mentally quick and observant; having insight
  14. disclose: although competitors offered him bribes, he refused to disclose any information about his company's forthcoming product
  15. discordant: nothing is quite discordant as the sound of a junior high school orchestra tuning up
    not harmonious; conflicting
  16. discount: be prepared to discount what he has to say about his ex-wife
    disregard; dismiss
  17. discourse: the young Plato was drawn to the Agora to hear the philosophical discourse of Socrates and his followers
    formal discussion; conversation
  18. discrepancy: the police noticed some discrepancies in his description of the crime and did not believe him
    lack of consistency; difference
  19. disdain: in the film, the bookish heroine disdained fashion models for their lack of intellectual interests
    view with scorn or contempt
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