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  1. undermine: The recent corruption scandals have undermined many people's faith in the city government. The recent torrential rains have washed away much of the cliff-side; the deluge threatens to undermine the pillars supporting several houses at the edge of the cliff.
    V. weaken; sap.
  2. uniformity: At Persons magazine, we strive for uniformity of style; as a result. all our writers wind up sounding exactly alike.
    N. sameness; monotony.
  3. unkempt: Jeremy hated his neighbor's unkempt lawn: he thought its neglected appearance had a detrimental effect on neighborhood property values.
    ADJ. disheveled; uncared  for in appearance.
  4. unprecedented: For a first novel, Margaret Mitchell's novel Gone with the Wind was an unprecedented success.
    ADJ. novel;l unparalleled.
  5. unwarranted: Your assumption that I would accept your proposal is unwarranted, sir; I do not want to marry you at all. We could not understand Martin's unwarranted rudeness to his mother's guests.
    ADJ. unjustified; groundless; undeserved.
  6. usurp: The revolution ended when the victorious rebel general succeeded in his attempt to usurp the throne.
    v. seize another's power or rank.
  7. vacillate: Uncertain which suitor she ought to marry, the princess vacillated, saying now one, now the other. The big boss likes his people to be decisive: when he asks you for your opinion, whatever you do, don't vacillate. vacillation, n.
    v. waver; fluctuate.
  8. vaporize: "Zap!" went Super Mario's atomic ray gun as he vaporized another deadly foe.
    v. turn into vapor (steam, gas, fog, etc.).
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