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  1. venerate: In Tibet today, the common people still venerate their traditional spiritual leader, the Dalai Lama.
    v. revere.
  2. verbose: Someone mute can't talk; someone verbose can hardly stop talking.
    ADJ. wordy.
  3. viable: That idea won't work. Let me see whether I can come up with a viable alternative.
    ADJ. practical or workable; capable of maintaining life.
  4. vigor: Although he was over seventy years old, Jack had the vigor of a man in his prime. vigorous, ADJ.
    N. active strength.
  5. vilify: Waging a highly negative campaign, the candidate attempted to vilify his opponent's reputation. vilification, N.
    v. slander.
  6. vindicate: The lawyer's goal was to vindicate her client and prove him innocent on all charges. The critics' extremely favorable reviews vindicate my opinion that The Madness of King George is a brilliant movie.
    v. clear from blame; exonerate; justify or support.
  7. virtuoso: The promising young cellist Yo-Yo Ma grew into a virtuoso whose performances thrilled audiences throughout the world. virtuosity, N.
    N. highly skilled artist.
  8. virulent: Laid up with a virulent case of measles, Vera blamed her doctors because her recovery took so long. In fact, she became quite virulent on the subject of the quality of modern medical care.
    ADJ. extremely poisonous; hostile; bitter.
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