Skin Disease and Conditions Part 1

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  1. abrasion
    scraping or rubbing away for a surface
  2. abscess
    localized collection of pus at the site of infection (usually in staphylococcal infection)
  3. furuncle, boil
    abscess that originates in a hair follicle
  4. carbuncle
    cluster of furuncles in the subcutaneous tissue
  5. acne
    inflammatory disease of sebaceous follicles of the skin, marked by comedos, papules, and pustules
  6. alopecia, baldness
    absence of loss of hair, especially of the head
  7. comedo, blackhead
    discolored, dried sebum plugging and excretory duct of the skin
  8. cyst
    closed sac or pouch in or under the skin that contains fluid, semifluid, or solid material
  9. sebaceous
    cyst filled with sebum (fatty material) from a sebaceous gland
  10. eczema
    • redness of the skin caused by swelling of the capillaries
    • general term for an itchy red rash that may become crusted, thickened or scaly
  11. hemorrhage
    loss of a large amount of blood in a short period, externally or internally
  12. contusion, bruise
    hemorrhage under the skin where the skin is not broken
  13. ecchymosis, bruise
    skin discoloration consisting of large, irregularly formed hemorrhagic area with colors changing from blue- black to greenish-brown or yellow
  14. petechia
    minute, pinpoint hemorrhagic spot on the skin
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