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  1. How Goods and Services are distributed Fairly
    Social Justice
  2. Sees Social Justice as an objective, achievable end, and goal
    Modern Approach
  3. Sees Social Justice as socially constructed
    Postmodern Approach
  4. Collective strategies and actions that prevent and address social problems
    Social Policy
  5. The focus on issues of unique cultures of specific groups
  6. Mindful of the social and economic needs of clients
    Social Worker
  7. A collective strategy and action designed to expose and ameliorate social and economic injustice among the poor
    Differential Policy Analysis
  8. Efforts to change Policy
    Policy Practice
  9. Help powerless people to improve their lives
    Policy Advocate
  10. A systematic means of examining a specific social welfare policy or a series of policies
    Policy Practice Framework
  11. Describes the content and tasks of policy making and is useful because it provides an overview of the factors that affect the policy
    A Framework
  12. Name 4 Types of Skill Development for Navigating the Environment
    • 1. Analytical Skills
    • 2. Value Clarification and Ethical Reasoning
    • 3. Interaction Skills
    • 4. Political Skills
  13. Where is the Governor's strategy plan located?
    In the State Strategic Plan
  14. Used to prioritize and justify investment in a world of finite resources
    The State Strategic Plan
  15. Evaluates and Summarizes results by policy area and State goals
    Georgia's Office of Planning and Budgeting (OPB)
  16. An essential part of social welfare policy and practice
    Social Justice
  17. Revolves around what is fair in the distribution of resources
    Social Justice
  18. Examines how policy is helpful or harmful to people of African descent
    The Afrocentric Framework
  19. The 5 Faces of the Afrocentric Framework of Policy Practice
    • 1. Marginalization
    • 2. Violence
    • 3. Powerlessness
    • 4. Exploitation
    • 5. Cultural Imperialism
  20. The final stage in the policy making process
    Policy Analysis
  21. Implementer mistake secondary goals as the primary goal
    Policy Goal Displacement
  22. The negative critique of an explanation
    Rival Explanation
  23. Involves using results of rigorous research to analyze problem and write proposals to address them
    Evidence Based Policy
  24. A six step policy analysis framework, of policy practice, and policy advocacy, that leads to concrete proposals to address problems or issues
    "Putting Policy Together"
  25. A systematic series of obstacles that singly and collectively interfere with the advancement of members of out-groups into the social and economic mainstream of American society
    Structural Discrimination
  26. To improve the fiscal responsibility and responsiveness of state government and the effective and efficient delivery of services throughout the state
    The objective of the State Strategic Plan (SPP)

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