English expressions

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  1. work my fingers to bone
    work very hard
  2. have my hands full
    very busy
  3. be at a loose end
    have nothing to do
  4. rushed off your feet
    busy and have to work very fast
  5. make heavy weather (of a task/job)
    make it seem more difficult than it is
  6. to do the donkey work
    to do the boring job
  7. haven't got much on
    you are not busy and have free time
  8. put your feet up
  9. work your socks off
    work very hard
  10. twiddle your thumbs
    do nothing while you wait something to happen
  11. bone idle
    do not like doing any work
  12. up to your eyes (in sth.)
    you are very busy doing it
  13. snowed under
    you have a great deal of work to do
  14. knuckle down
    work hard
  15. take it easy
  16. jump down someone's throat
    you respond angrily to something they have said or done
  17. down in the dumps
    feel unhappy or depressed.
  18. in a huff
    you are angry or offended
  19. in the doldrums
    feeling sad or lethargic
  20. on cloud nine
    extremely happy
  21. bite someone's head off
    you react angrily to what someone have said or done
  22. fly off the handle
    lose your temper
  23. in someone's good books
    they are pleased with you or think highly of you at that moment
  24. thrilled to bits
    very pleased and excited about something
  25. do something 'in a fit of pique'
    they react badly because their pride is hurt
  26. as pleased as punch
    very happy
  27. in high spirits
    happy and excited
  28. at the end of your tether
    you are stressed, worried or tired and unable to cope with a situation.
  29. cheesed off
    fed up
  30. at your wits' end
    you're distressed because you can't find a solution to a problem
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