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  1. macule
    • primary flat
    • flat pigmented, circumscribed area less than 1cm in diameter
    • ex: freckle, flat morel, rubella rash
  2. papule
    • primary solid elevated
    • solid, elevated lesion less that 1 cm in diameter that may be the same color as the skin or pigment
    • ex: nevus, wart, pimple, ringworm, psoriasis, eczema
  3. nodule
    • primary solid elevated
    • palpable, circumscribed lesion; larger and deeper than a papule (0.6- 2 cm in diameter), extends into the dermal layer
    • ex: intradermal nevus, benign or malignant tumor
  4. tumor
    • primary solid elevated
    • solid, elevated lesion larger than 2cm in diameter that extends into the dermal and subcutaneous layers
    • ex: lipoma, steatoma, dermatofibroma, hemangioma
  5. wheal
    • primary solid elevated
    • elevated, firm, rounded lesion with localized skin edema that varies in size, shape, and color; paler in the center than its surrounded by edges; accompanied by itching
    • ex: hives, insect bites, urticaria
  6. vesicle
    • primary fluid filled elevated
    • elevated, circumscribed, fluid filled lesion less that 0.5 cm in diameter
    • ex: poison ivy, shingles, chicken pox
  7. pustule
    • primary fluid filled elevated
    • small, raised, circumscribed lesion that contains pus; usually less than 1cm in diameter
    • ex: acne, furuncle, pustular psoriasis, scabies
  8. bulla
    • primary fluid filled elevated
    • a vesicle or blister larger than 1 cm in diameter
    • ex: 2nd degree burns, sever poison oak, poison ivy
  9. excoriations
    • secondary depressed
    • linear scratch marks or traumatized abrasions of the epidermis
    • ex: scratches, abrasions, chemical or thermal burns
  10. fissure
    • secondary depressed
    • small slit or cracklike sore that extends into the dermal layer; could be caused by continuous inflammation and drying
  11. ulcer
    • secondary depressed
    • an open sore or lesion that extends to the dermis and usually heals with scarring
    • ex: pressure sore, basal cell carcinoma
  12. depressed lesion
    caused by loss of skin
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