PCOM Points Week 9

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  1. The UB primary channel begins at [Blank]?
    The Inner canthis
  2. What are the intersection points of the UB primary channel in the head?
    • Du24
    • GB15
    • DU20
  3. Where does the UB primary Channel enter the brain?
  4. The branch of the UB primary channel that enters the brain intersect with what points?
    • GB6
    • GB7
    • GB8
    • GB10
    • GB11
    • GB12
  5. Where does the primary channel of the UB emerge from the head?
    • Nape of neck
    • DU17
  6. The branch of the UB channel that is 1.5 Cun from the Du, intersects at what points in the  back?
    • DU14
    • DU13
  7. The UB primary channel enters the KD at what level of the spine?
    At the level of L2, 1.5 Cun later to midline.
  8. The 1.5 Cun line of the UB primary ends at what region?
    • The middle of the politeal fossa.
    • UB40
  9. Where does the UB primary channel end?
    On the inferior aspect of the 5th toe.  lateral side
  10. What are the crossing point of the UB primary on the neck?
    • DU17
    • DU16
  11. The UB channel dominates what kind of disorders?
    • Tendons
    • Ligaments
    • Huai Jue Syndrome
    • Ankle joint disorder
  12. What are the 6 physiology of the UB primary channel?
    • 1) Distribute Qi to consolidate the surface
    • 2) Circulate Qi to nourish the muscles and tendons
    • 3) Direct Qi to the brain to promote it's functions and stabilize the emotions
    • 4) Distribute Qi to the sense organs and the head
    • 5) Regulate the function of the UB and KD (Enuresis, reproductive)
    • 6) Links to the Zang/Fu organs.  (Back Shu)
  13. Pathologies of the the UB channel disorder:
    • 1) Channel obstruction: pain of the neck, back, hip, knee calf and small toe.
    • 2) Exterior Syndrome: Taiyang
    • 3) Head, face and sense organs: yellow sclera, painful eyes, epistaxis.
  14. Pathologies of the UB organ disorder:
    • 1)Urogenital system: urination, abdomenal distention, dysmenorrhea, leukorrhea
    • 2) Mental and emotional disorder: Dian Kuang, epilepsy, depression
    • 3) Internal organs: chronic and XU condition of all internal organs.
  15. Pathologies of the UB, other disorders:
    Opisthotonos, malaria
  16. UB VS Liver
    • UB= By syndrome + Injury
    • Liv= nervous tension
  17. Where does the UB divergent seperate from the primary?
    Popliteal fossa (UB40)
  18. Where does the UB Divergent enter the body?
    5cun above the anus (UB31)
  19. What does the UB divergent connect with?
    UB, KD, Heart, Anus
  20. Where does the UB divergent emerges from?
    Nape (UB10)
  21. Where does the UB divergent converge with the UB primary channel?
    Nape (UB10)
  22. Which UB channel is use to treat hamorrhoids and prolapse?
    • Divergent
    • UB35
  23. Which UB channel is for burning urination due to flaring ht fire?
    • Divergent
    • Ht7, Lv3
  24. Which UB channel can be used for stiffness of the nape, neck, knee, popliteal fossa and gastrocnemius?
    • Divergent
    • UB40
    • UB10
  25. Which UB channel can be used for hormonal imbalance, irregular menstuation, dysmenorrhea, infertility and PMS?
    • Divergent
    • UB10
  26. Where does the UB sinew channel start?
    Small toe
  27. Where does the UB sinew channel end?
  28. Where does the UB sinew channel knot?
    • External malleolus
    • heel
    • knee
    • poplieal fossa
    • Gluteal
    • back
    • nape
    • root of tongue
    • nose
    • eyelid
    • scapula
    • shoulder
    • mastoid process
  29. The branch of the UB sinew that follows the GB primary channel knots at what region?
  30. The internal branch of the UB primary channel goes from [black] to [black]
    KD (level of L2) to UB
  31. Pathology of the UB sinew channel:
    • Small toe
    • heel
    • Joints
    • Back alone the sides of the spine
    • Inability to raise the arm at the shoulder
    • Axillary region
    • Supraclavicular fossa
    • rotatoin of neck
  32. Which UB channel is used for tongue and thyroid disorder?
  33. Which UB channel treats referred pain in the later side of breast and chest, neck, axillary fossa?
  34. What is the Luo point of the UB channel
  35. Where does the UB lou go to?
    Directly to the KD primary channel
  36. Excess pathology of the UB Luo?
    Nasal obstruction, back pain
  37. Xu pathology of the UB Luo?
    Epitaxis, sinsitis
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