Aotm lesson #17 pump and trouble shooting

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  1. when drafting maintain __ psi so not to lose prime
  2. When drafting allow _ min of cooling before shut down
    5 min
  3. Failure to prime 
    -air leak indication
    Low vacuum on suction gauge
  4. 2 ways to test for air leaks
    • Air leak test 
    •  -failure to reach 10" of hg in 10 min indicate a leak in pump. 
    • Water leak test
    •   - hook up to hydrant cap discharge outlets and look for water leaks
    • Listen
  5. Dirt on suction strainer indicates
    High vacuum
  6. Ways to protect suction strainer
    - suspend from log or other float, anchor float

    -remove top of barrel place below waterline

    -make suction Bo's using fine mess screen
  7. Do not attempt lifts of greater than __ ft except @ low altitudes
    22 ft
  8. Place strainer _ft below water line.  Water should be at least _ ft deep

  9. If high point can't be prevented during draft.
    Close discharge valve as soon as pressure drops then reprisereprise
  10. Pump with 1250 gpm do not operate prime more than __sec

    pumps with 1500 gpm no more than __ sec
    30 sec

    45 sec
  11. Most likely cause of pump not reaching capacity
    • Low horsepower
    •      -causes
    • - throttle not fully open
    • - ignition timing incorrect
    • -clogged filter bowl
    • - engine to hot
    • -improperly set governors
  12. Air leaks when pumping
    • High rpms
    • Hose pulsating
    • unsteady pressure gauges

    remedy- check pump for holding vacuum
  13. Restricted suction causes
    • High rpm 
    • fluctuating pressure gauges
    • high vacuum reading on compound gauges
  14. Power generated by internal combustion engine decreases __% for ever ____ft elevation

  15. Lift to high will cause
    • High engine speed
    • High vacuum
    • pump roughness and pulsating pressure gauges
  16. If water too warm __degrees sufficient ____ ____ may be given off to affect the pump operation. 
    • 85 degrees
    • water vapors
  17. Place transfer valve in volume when pumping __% of rated capacity
  18. When new clearance between impeller hub and clearance ring is? 
    5-7 thousandth of an inch
  19. Replace clearance rings and impellers when clearance is
    • More than 15-20 thousandth of an inch
    • measured by a feeler gauge
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