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  1. In the black hypertensive population,including those with diabetes, what class of antihypertensive drugs are recommended as a initial therapy?
    • Calcium channel blocker
    • thiazide-type diuretic
  2. In general population w/ the age of 60 or more than 60 what is the BP goal?
    BP < 150/90
  3. In general population w/ the age of 60 or more than 60, is initiate pharmacotherapy treatment recommended?
    Yes- Strong recommendation (Grad A)
  4. In the general population aged60years, if pharmacologic treatment forhigh BP results in lower achieved SBP (eg, <140mmHg) and treatment iswell tolerated and without adverse effects on health or quality of life, does the treatment need to be adjust?
    No- Expert opinion- Grade E
  5. In the general population 18-59 of age, if DBP >= 90 mmHg, what is the treat goal?
    DBP<90 mmHg
  6. In the general population <60 years, initiate pharmacologic treatment tolowerBPatSBP140mmHg and treat to a goal is ....
    SBP <140mmHg.
  7. In population that >=18 years with chronic kidney disease (CKD) or diabetes, and BP >= 140/90, what is the BP goal?
    BP <140/90
  8. In the population aged18 years with CKD, regardless of race or diabetes status, what initial or add-on antihypertensive treatmetn should include?
    ACEIs or ARBs should include to improve kidney outcomes.
  9. What is the goal of hypertension treatment?
    is to attain and maintain goal
  10. What do we do if goal BP is not reached within a month of treatment?
    Increase the dose of the initial drug or add a second drug from one of the following classes: thiazide-type diurectics, CCBs, ACEIs, or ARBs
  11. We add another agent when BP doesn't reach the goal. What type of antihypertensive agents that we should consider?
    Titrate thiazide-type diuretic or ACEI or ARB or CCB (use medication classnot previously selected and avoid combined use of ACEI and ARB). B- blocker, aldosterone antagonist, or others are considered last line.
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