chapter 3

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  1. Algebra
    a mathematical method for determining the value of an unknown quantity that has a specific relationship to one or more known quantities
  2. Base Number
    The number that is multiplied times itself to form a mathematical term with an exponent
  3. Cubed
    In mathematics, the description of a number that has been multiplied by itself two times
  4. Decimal
    A fraction with a denominator of 10, 100, 1000, or any number that consist of a 1 followed by one or more zeros.
  5. Decimal Point
    The dot at the left of a decimal fraction
  6. Denominator
    The lower number of a fraction
  7. Difference
    In mathematics, the answer to a subtraction problem.
  8. Dividend
    In mathematics, the number divided into in a division problem
  9. Divisor
    In mathematics, the number that is divided into the dividend.
  10. Equation
    A mathematical declaration that two mathematical statements (groups of numbers, together with their signs or mathematical functions) are equal to each other.
  11. Exponent
    A superscript number that indicates how many times a number is multiplies by itself
  12. Lowest Terms
    The form of a fraction in which no number except 1 can be divided into both the numerator and denominator.
  13. Mixed Number
    A number consisting of a whole number and a fraction
  14. numerator
    The upper number of a fraction.
  15. Percentage
    A form of a fraction with a denominator of 100
  16. Power
    In mathematics, the number of times a number is multiplies by itself, as indicated by the exponent.
  17. Product
    In mathematics, the answer to a multiplication problem
  18. Proportion
    A statement that two ratios are equal to each other
  19. Quotient
    In mathematics, the answer to a division problem
  20. Ratio
    The quotient that results from dividing one number into another
  21. Remainder
    The number that is left over when one number is divided unequally into another.
  22. Squared
    In mathematics, the description of a number that has been multiplies by itself
  23. Square Root
    The portion of a number which, when multiplied by itself, equals the original number
  24. Sum
    In mathematics, the total or the answer to an addition problem
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