Lower Respiratory System Words 1

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  1. bronchioles
    small segments of the bronchus
  2. bronchial tree
    series of respiratory tubes that branch into progressively narrower tubes as the extend into the lungs
  3. singular form of bronchi
  4. chondritis
    inflammation of the cartilage
  5. chondroplasty
    surgical repair of the cartilage
  6. chondropathy
    disease of the cartilage
  7. chondroma
    tumor of cartilage
  8. tracheostomy
    creation of an opening (mouth) into the trachea
  9. tracheomalacia
    softening of the trachea
  10. tracheopathy
    disease of the trachea
  11. trachoplasty
    surgical repair of the trachea
  12. tracheostenosis
    narrowing or stricture o the trachea
  13. tracheotomy
    incision of the trachea
  14. tracheolaryngotomy
    incision of the trachea and larynx
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