Lower Respiratory System Words 4

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  1. pleuritis, pleurisy
    inflammation of the pleura
  2. pleurodynia, pleuralgia
    pain in the pleura
  3. pleuropneumonia
    pleurisy complicated with pneumonia
  4. pleurocele
    hernia or swelling of the pleura
  5. apnea
    temporary loss of breathing
  6. obstructive sleep apnea
    may be due to enlarged tonsils that obstruct the airway
  7. OSA
    obstructive sleep apnea
  8. continuous positive airway pressure
    treatment for obstructive sleep apnea
  9. dyspnea
    painful or difficult breathing
  10. eupnea
    normal breathing
  11. orthopnea
    labored breathing in any position except in the erect sitting or standing position
  12. thoracotomy
    incision of the chest
  13. thoracocentesis, thoracentesis
    surgical puncture of the chest to remove fluid
  14. diaphragm
    muscular partition that separates the lungs from the abdominal cavity and aids in the process of breathing
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