Respiratory Diseases and Conditions 1

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  1. acidosis
    excessive acidity of blood due to an accumulation of acids or an excessive loss of bicarbonate
  2. acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS)
    respiratory insufficiency marked by progressive hypoxia
  3. adventitious breath sounds
    abnormal breath sounds heard during respiration (breathing in and out) with the use of a stethoscope (auscultation)
  4. pleural rub, friction rub
    grating sound of the pleural linings rubbing against each other that is heard on auscultation
  5. rales, crackles
    fine, crackling or bubbling sounds, commonly heard during inspiration when there is fluid in the alveoli
  6. rhonchi
    snoring, rumbling sounds heard upon auscultation of the chest during respiration
  7. stridor
    high-pitched, musical breathing sound made on inspiration and caused by obstruction in the pharynx or larynx, commonly heard without a stethoscope
  8. wheezes
    continuous, high-pitched whistling sounds, usually heard during expiration and caused by narrowing of an airway
  9. anoxia
    total absence of oxygen in the body tissue
  10. atelectasis
    collapse of the lung tissue, preventing respiratory exchange of O2 and CO2
  11. coryza, cold
    acute inflammation of nasal passages accompanied by profuse nasal discharge
  12. croup
    acute respiratory syndrome that occurs primarily in children and infants and is characterized by laryngeal obstruction and spasm, barking cough and stridor
  13. cystic fibrosis
    genetic disease of exocrine glands characterized by excessive secretions of thick mucus that do not drain normally, causing obstruction of passageways (including pancreatic and bile ducts and bronchi)
  14. empyema
    pus in body cavity, especially in the pleural cavity (pyothorax)
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